Reverse Monochrome Film Shots by Sakisaki01234

Scenic landscapes and sharp details are some of the qualities that the work of Lomographer sakisaki01234 possesses. And recently, he shared a series of black and white photos of nearby ruins and reverse-developed them.

Credits: sakisaki01234

The new series is a follow-up attempt after Saki Saki failed in his first attempt to reverse-develop  a few weeks ago during a recent trip to Moji. He mentioned in a YouTube comment:

“This is a retry of monochrome reversal development that failed last time. In the previous verification, it is estimated that the cause was an insufficient stirring of the bleach. The photo was taken in the ruins several times before. The ruins are familiar to monochrome (lol)!”

After capturing seaside ruins with his trusty Nikon FE and a roll of ADOX HR-50, Saki Saki processed the film with Scala 50 Black and White Reversal Process. The slides turned into rich, elegant stills, the gradation seamless especially with the tones of the water, particularly sharp and detailed with the debris.

Credits: sakisaki01234

For more details of Saki Saki’s entire experience, watch his video on YouTube and follow his channel!

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