Scenes from Pride Month Through the Lomographers’ Lenses


As we celebrate Pride Month in June, we recall some remarkable memories and photographs during different occasions of the Pride Parade shared on the Lomography Community over the years. Let’s see what subjects are the Lomographer’s apples of their eyes.

Credits: mariaelenacirillo, socchia, edinamonsoon & gaiamerlin

One thing we've majorly noticed among our Community members and Pride Parade-goers is more often than not the usage of the good 'ol color negative film. Very appropriate for such colorful and creative events especially during Pride Month, where everything in town is in the colors of the rainbow. The parade highlights the most fabulous catwalks and creative floats among the LGBTQ+ Community.

Credits: troch, f33t135, socchia & -dakota-

And coming along with the colorful runways also are the clever and significant slogans that can be found in every crowd. Witty and empowering words can soothe even a little.

Credits: troch, the_detourist & nrnign

Truth to be told, it's not just the parade itself where you can spot the avant-garde and fashionistas. The side streets and the crowd themselves wear their art — on their hair, clothes, make-up, and accessories. It's all about honest self-expression manifested through individuality. For the many among the queer community, the Pride celebration — together with their own friends and people with similar experiences — is a perfect time and safe space to be this creatively outspoken about their individuality.

We truly hope the world can be a better and more open place for everyone to be whoever (and whatever) they want to be. Everyone is a work of art they can be proud of every day.

Credits: socchia, edinamonsoon, grad & johnccc

It’s during this time of the year when we also wear our hearts under our sleeves, loud and proud. The most significant photographs we've seen are these precious moments of love and friendship shared during the celebration. The intimacy, smiles, and looks of joy are shared. Love is love no matter what.

Credits: nrnign, dynamite, brommi, vitamine & peropero

The colors and happy expressions during Pride celebrations are what we hope we can see every day, everywhere, and not just for every month of June. The harsh reality we live in is that the LGBTQ+ community across the world is discriminated against due to outdated traditions and ways of thinking. It’s time to change that and keep raising our voices. We in Lomography believe and support fairness and equality with rights and quality of life no matter the sexual orientation, gender, and identity. Society demands every one of us to be and act as “straight as a ruler” – but as we always say here with the most important Golden Rule, “Don’t worry about any rules”. Be proud, be you — we are proud of you.

Participating in any Pride Month celebration this year? Share with us your favorite photos through the comments below! Stay safe!

written by Ciel Hernandez on 2021-06-06 #culture #news #june #pride-month #lgbtq


  1. crismiranda
    crismiranda ·

    Great article!

  2. troch
    troch ·

    Thanks for the great article and a shout out to everyone whether you are part of the community or not for helping make it safe for all of us!

  3. 35mm_marlena
    35mm_marlena ·

    Happy Pride month, everyone

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