Travel With Hyunwoo: Romantic Seasons Captured With Simple Use Film Camera and Lomochrome Purple


Hwang Hyunwoo is the youngest member of South Korea's most popular social media page, called Travel Owha, that gives all useful information and magical travel pictures around in Korea. As a member of Travel Owha who loves photography, Hyunwoo particularly fell in love with the vintage vibes and nostalgic feelings that films provoke. Hyunwoo traveled around Europe with Lomography's Simple Use Film Camera.

LomoChrome Purple film 35 mm © Hwang Hyunwoo

Additionally, Hyunwoo captured the spring and winter seasons in Korea with Lomography's ultimate LomoChrome Purple films. Check out all his pictures taken with Simple Use Film Camera, full of memories and romantic purple hues.

Simple Use Film Camera © Hwang Hyunwoo

Hi, Hyunwoo! Please introduce yourself to readers.

Hello, Lomographers! I am Hyunwoo Hwang, I love traveling and films. I work at an entertainment and management company.

LomoChrome Purple film 35 mm © Hwang Hyunwoo
The precious thing about analogue photography is that it's something I can take out, unwrap and remember for a long time.
Simple Use Film Camera © Hwang Hyunwoo

You're a member of Travel Owha. How often do you go traveling?

I try to go travel whenever I have the opportunity. When I was young, I wanted to be a football player and went to all the 8 provinces in Korea for contests and field training. I also realized I've been to 8 different countries including business trips. Within Korea, I try to travel at least once every quarter.

Hopefully, the pandemic will be over as soon as possible. I hope all Lomographers around the world stay healthy and happy, too!

Simple Use Film Camera © Hwang Hyunwoo

What does photography mean to you when traveling?

I think photography in a trip is like a wrap-up of memories that are like gifts that you can only get when traveling. I received so much happiness and different emotions on a trip. That's the precious thing about photography. I can take out, unwrap and remember for a long time.

Simple Use Film Camera © Hwang Hyunwoo

What was the most memorable experience of your trip?

The most memorable moment is the night sky where stars from a rural village in southern France seemed to pour out, and the Golden Bridge in Vietnam, which you can see only in certain weather clearly only when you are lucky.

©Hwang Hyunwoo

You have an extensive camera collection. Out of them, what do you like about Simple Use Film Camera?

Most disposable cameras are thrown away which produces a lot of plastic wastes. But I liked the fact that Simple Use Film Camera is reusable. It makes me contribute to the environment a little.

Simple Use Film Camera © Hwang Hyunwoo

I also liked the vintage and nostalgic mood in the results. I especially found the pictures with natural light very nice.

Is Cookie your dog's name? Please introduce a little about him to us!

Yes, she is like the youngest little sister in our family. She's been with us for 12 years and very smart. Sometimes my mother would say she's better than her kids. I will post pictures of her on Instagram too!

Cookie Simple Use Film Camera © Hwang Hyunwoo

How was your shooting with the new film – LomoChrome Purple?

I tried to capture moments with LomoChrome Purple Film of a very unique and dreamy color. I wanted to take a variety of places and time but it was quite restricted because of the ongoing pandemic.

LomoChrome Purple film 35 mm © Hwang Hyunwoo

How was your experience shooting with the LomoChrome Purple film? Were there any differences from your expectation?

I had only used common types of color negatives films but I have never tried color-switching films. Before shooting, I did some research on Lomochrome Purple and I thought it was really interesting how the expression of colors varied depending on the ISO sensitivity setting.

LomoChrome Purple film 35 mm © Hwang Hyunwoo

What was your favorite picture in this album?

I liked the picture of the magnolia with the pretty purple color on its petals. And also the old man's picture who seemed to reminisce in the picture.

LomoChrome Purple film 35 mm © Hwang Hyunwoo

Do you have a goal as a photographer?

Now I just take films just as a hobby, but I want to learn more about photography and also try some portraits. If I have a chance, I would like to participate in a small exhibition and even open a private exhibition of my photography. I want to continue sharing the warmth, comfort, and positive emotions with the audiences as a gift to remember.

I don't think there was much rambling due to my lack of writing skills, but I hope you enjoyed it. I hope everyone has a heartwarming year. Thank you!

LomoChrome Purple film 35 mm © Hwang Hyunwoo

We hope Hyunwoo can open his own exhibition after the pandemic! If you would like to see more photographs of Hyunwoo, check out his Instagram!

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