Lomo Lookbook: How to Use Lomography Films for Fashion Portraiture


Planning to take a professional path with fashion portraiture? Our wide collection Lomography films are here to cater to your needs for the professional quality you seek while retaining the whole analogue vibe! Here are a few of our favorite stylish portraits from users using various Lomography films.

Credits: neufotomacher, fernandosciotto & seanlaine

Sartorial Details with the Lomography Color Negative

When taking photos of clothes (especially the basic and essential pieces such as the plain white tee), you'd want to give a barer yet detailed composition with it. Take shots with your models under natural light using our Lomography Color Negative film. Light sensitivity varies from ISO 100, 400 and 800 for any lighting condition.

Credits: zairre, pandawong, amanachan, lucianofreitas & raychillbon

Classy and Elegant in Black and White Kino Series

They say you can never go wrong with the classic black-and-white, and it's true, especially if you're going for timeless vogue shots that highlight the wearer's shape silhouette. Photographing geometrical patterns work well with black and white too. You can add a little more fantasy into these shots with our Black and White Kino series, especially the Fantome Kino and Babylon Kino. If you want some more flexibility and smooth grains, the Berlin Kino and Potsdam Kino are the way to go.

Credits: neufotomacher, lomographynyc & zonderbar

The Street Look with the LomoChrome Purple

If you're into photographing the best, casually dressed folks downtown, they deserve to be given more flavoring with the powerful, fun colors of the LomoChrome Purple. Floral prints and graphic patterns mesh well with the coloration through this film. Most of these street fashionistas are from various youth cultures, mirroring the LomoChrome Purple's exciting and spontaneous, purple-to-pink pigments.

Credits: soymxrc, randyweiphoto, ashleyyy & fabienjany

Editorial Prêt-à-Porter with the LomoChrome Metropolis

Perhaps you're into a more serious vibe in color photography, like the editorial pages from designer catalogs. The key is to attain a nice, cool tone without entirely dulling out the warm tones. With its beautiful somber color scheme, the LomoChrome Metropolis is one of the favorite choices for the pro-look.

Credits: fernandosciotto, kentarou & fabienjany

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