Still Life Today: Appetizingly Detailed Food Photographs


If there are two things that are as fastly ephemeral, it's memories and food. We've taken a lot of photographs of our experiences, landscapes, the people we meet, but how about the well-prepared, delectable dishes you've had both in and out of your home? Honor every memorable meal you had with analogue photography.

Credits: stratski, francescacosta & kleeblatt

Scrumptious Details

How do we fall in love at first sight with food even just by the pictures on the menu? We can imagine the feel and texture through the details captured on camera. Zoom closer and bring out the details for a more three-dimensional effect. It makes the dish even more attractive and realistic.

Credits: danontour & kleeblatt

Situational Perspectives

A picture can tell a thousand words, even with still life photographs. Simple placement and/or appearance of items like utensils, plates, etc. can create a story. A knife sitting deftly on the plate implies that someone just sliced the food; adding a hand touching the meal already adds a narrative of what is about to happen.

Credits: francescacosta, kleeblatt & systemdevice

A Matter of Lighting

In photography, your lighting dictates the kind of ambiance your photographs will have. It's up to your discretion if you want a sweet, divine aura with more light than shadow and contrast, or if you want harsh edges of shadows for more depth. Black and white film works too if you want to experiment!

Credits: eels, kleeblatt & erisin

Organized, Garnished Art

Painters would arrange flowers, fruits and ornaments for them to recreate the picture on their canvas or paper. Do the same when you're taking photographs, give a little more creative effort with the arrangement of garnishing, the cut, layout of elements on the platter.

Credits: kleeblatt & erisin

Do you have a cool shot of a meal you loved recently? Share them in the comments below or upload them to your LomoHomes!

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