Community Spotlight: Luis (@lufeparo) and Olga (@hanibale)


Being one of the largest analogue photography communities on the web, we are proud of the creativity and diversity of our members. For this month's Community Spotlight, we are pleased to introduce to you Lomographers Luis and Olga, and their unique way of seeing the world.

Credits: lufeparo & hanibale

Name: Luis Felipe Pacheco
LomoHome: @lufeparo
Location: Bogotá, Colombia

Hi, Luis! What do you do and what got you started with photography?

I am a design and photography student and I started in photography when my grandpa gave me his favorite camera -a Minolta Hi-Matic 7s. I started using it when I was 13 years old.

How did you discover Lomography and what made you join our analogue Community? Who are your favorite photographers here?

I discovered Lomography when I was looking for references for specific films and inspiration about other people and other locations worldwide. My favorite photographers here are @neufotomacher, @grenville, @leisuresuit, @gheinz, @mmarta_m, @impulsofotografo, and a lot more people.

Credits: lufeparo

What is your favorite subject to photograph? What do you usually look for in a scene before you hit the shutter?

I would say that my favorite subject to photograph is the real world, the people working every day, the cars that come out on the street, and the houses that I can find when I go out on my bike. I'm letting the world around me surprise me with something new every time. Most of the time I find an interesting location and have patience until someone or something happens that makes the location more interesting.

In this day and age, why choose film?

I choose film over digital because of the process - buying each roll, knowing that you have a certain and finite amount of shoots, knowing that you can fail in any step since you load your camera until you develop the roll on your bathroom. All that process charges each analogue photo that I develop myself with more value and love. For me, film photography is a handmade photo.

What does a perfect day look like for you?

Every day has something different to offer me. I don't look for anything specific. The thing that really makes a day special for taking photos is the people that surround me everyday.

Credits: lufeparo

Name: Olga Vaikas
LomoHome: @hanibale
Location: recent 10 years in Finland. I was born in Russia and lived more than 27 years in Lithuania

Hi, Olga! What do you do and what got you started with photography?

I used to work as an English teacher. Now I am "just a Lomo-mother” with two kids - 17 and 13. :) I started taking pictures right after my son was born. I don’t have pictures of my childhood (I think I have around 5-6 shots only).

How did you discover Lomography and what made you join our analogue Community? Who are your favorite photographers here?

I wanted to remember my kids, every smile and cry, that’s why I bought a digital camera. But my dream was to have an analogue camera. My husband’s Smena 8m was a gift to me. To this day, it’s my fave one! It’s light and easy to use! perfect for the selfies that I make with it.

Once, I met Julia and her name's @neja here ( we “met” on some Lithuanian photo page). So @neja advised me to show my crazy #selfieonfilm here at the Lomography page. So, I did. :)

Credits: hanibale

What makes you stay with film photography in this day and age? What's your favorite subject to shoot?

I love taking selfies. Different, true-to-life, sad, crazy, quick, sexy, nude, or melancholic... I love taking my friend’s portraits, daily life events, traveling diaries, pictures of my kids, my beardy husband, and again selfies. :)

I've been here for more than ten years - just having #lomofun. :)

For you, what's the best part about being a Lomographer?

The smell of a new film can, loading/testing old cameras, and wishing to see the results. It is always like a miracle. :) They are like the same feelings in childhood - the adventurous feeling. Exclaiming: “What will be will be!”

What is your favorite Lomography camera and film and why?

So, I always take my fave Smena 8m and I travel. The world is waiting for me, and this hippy kid is willing to shoot! I'm also loving the LomoChrome Purple at the moment!

The first Lomo rule. ;)

Credits: hanibale

Stay tuned for our monthly Community Spotlight to discover the work of some of the most talented Lomographers!

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