Photo Stories: Hiking Instant Series by @z-borsos

There are plenty of benefits to a refreshing walk through nature. It recharges a body that's been sitting at a desk for too long; it's a lovely escape from a humdrum daily routine; it's a surge of inspiration for an artist, a photographer, or any individual who needs a mood-booster.

One of our community members, Zoltán Borsos (aka @z-borsos), is lucky to have access to beautiful places that are enticing for such walks. He is based in Zalaegerszeg, Zala, Hungary, and these instant photos were taken from his hometown, as well as the Balaton Uplands National Park.

Credits: z-borsos

Zoltán shares some thoughts about this day:

"It's more like a never-ending story and that's the most exciting thing about it. One of my friends and I have been hiking almost every Sunday for the past year. Sometimes it’s a kind of therapy, sometimes we only want to get to a special place. Other times both. Long walks and long talks. The weather is pretty unpredictable and varied here in Hungary so we try to be prepared for everything. Especially because we hike all year. Winter or summer, it doesn't matter."

He finds the inexhaustible sights in Balaton Uplands National Park most attractive, saying that they always find a new place on the map that they want to get to.

Credits: z-borsos

There's a prominence of blue details in this instant photo set. Was this a conscious theme?

"Interesting! I quite like all shades of blues from the deepest Paris blue to the brightest sky blue, but to be honest this time it was a bit of coincidence. My priority in photography is the harmony between story and composition. Probably these antisocial times we live in now, pushed me to a little different point of view. This was also the reason I started doing instant photography in addition to 35mm. In the absence of events, social life, and stories, I prefer to experiment with new tools and perspectives."
Credits: z-borsos

Lastly, we had to know: what does he like about the Lomo'Instant Automat that he used to document this adventure?

"I'm pretty glad to choose the Magellan edition Lomo'Instant Automat Glass. I'm satisfied with the 38mm lens angle because it is somewhere between 50mm and wide-angle. However, the end result photo is a bit wider, than what we can see in the viewfinder, but it's still perfect for portraits or other closer themes as well. The f/4.5 is suitable for lower light conditions and because of the glass lens, the images are amazingly sharp and full of nice details. Love it!"

To see more of Zoltán's photographs, follow him on his LomoHome.

written by shhquiet on 2021-05-29 #people #instant-photography

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