The Film Swappers Society: Panoramas with Gaz and Sobetion


At the beginning of this year, Lomographers gaz and sobetion completed a film swap project using the LC-Wide. Using a roll of Agfa CT Precisa 100 35 mm, the two created attractive and explosive shots that give us a taste of the busy streets of England and Bangkok.

Credits: sobetion

A glimpse of the film swap series already catches the eyes with the intentional dichotomy of elements found in the series. Dividing a frame for two photographers makes a half-frame style of composition. The resulting colors of yellow and bluish-green tones render these shots extra punchier and vivid. The subjects also photographed like the cartoons, characters, icons, and store signs juxtaposing portraits, scenery and nature evoke the similarity of murals and wall art in these seemingly endless panoramas.

Credits: sobetion

Sobetion is a regular film swapper with fellow Lomographers vicuna and lalouve. The trio has multiple film swap projects among each other. Lomographer gaz is known for his frame and compositional manipulations such as the EBS (exposing-both-sides) technique. Both are fond of the double exposure method, and seeing the product of their collaboration emits a vibrant and enthusiastic vibe that must have come from how they approached and worked on the swap.

Credits: sobetion

Share your film swap project and upload them to you LomoHome! You might find future film swap partners in the Community, too!

written by cielsan on 2021-05-31 #people #film-swap


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