A Guide For Newbies: Using Lomography Films Effectively, Pt. II


Previously, we talked about the differences between Lomography Black & White films. Here we have the rest of the film family – in color.

For starters, if you're looking for a film to try your point-and-shoot with or to practice your SLR camera with, we recommend going for the classic Color Negative film. Once you're familiar with the settings and are more confident experimenting with out-of-the-box effects, the LomoChrome films are your next best choice. One thing that you should take note of is that results may vary depending on different factors, so we recommend exploring the potential of these films by incorporating certain colors or tweaking with the settings. That is the excitement of shooting with film, after all!

Lomography Color Negative

A newbie-friendly classic color negative film available in ISO 100, 400, and 800 in 35 mm, 120, and 110 formats. The Lomography Color Negative delivers vibrant (but still natural) colors and impressive sharpness. Pick the ISO 100 for sunny days, and go for ISO 400 or 800 for mixed lighting situations (from sunny to cloudy, indoors to outdoors). It's very forgiving, which makes it a great film for first-timers.

Credits: fabio_corsatto, theleanover, wumetheoutsider, ziudinu & zairre

LomoChrome Purple ISO 100-400

If you prefer experimenting with color, the LomoChrome Purple won't disappoint. As the name suggests, it will shift the colors of your photos, predominantly in purple. Blue becomes green, green becomes purple, and yellow becomes pink! Red tones stay red though, which keeps skin tones looking natural in a sea of trippy hues. It's available in different formats – 35 mm, 120, and 110 – but if you want an easy point-and-shoot, one of our Simple Use Reloadable Film Cameras is pre-loaded with the LomoChrome Purple film. When used with a manual camera, results may vary depending on your ISO setting, the colors of your subject, and the lighting conditions. It's a fun film to get creative with!

Credits: form, roxyvonschlotterstein, adash, evansabahnurd & gheinz

LomoChrome Metropolis ISO 100-400

For something more mellow and muted, the LomoChrome Metropolis should be your choice. This film desaturates colors and muted tones. The results may go from soft to gritty or dreamy to moody... it will all depend on your ISO setting as well as the lighting conditions. Try to incorporate a red element in your shot to make the contrasts pop. Just like the LomoChrome Purple, it's available in different formats, including our pre-loaded Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera – Metropolis.

Credits: pokio3o, severinegodissart, hwant2, gheinz, randyweiphoto & zairre

We hope that your new journey to analogue photography becomes more exciting with Lomography film. This is just a basic overview of our film family, and if you need more details, there are plenty of resources available in the magazine, including tips and tricks, as well as reviews and first impressions from lomographers. Head over here for Part 1 of this series about Lomography Black & White films.

written by shhquiet on 2021-05-25


  1. zairre
    zairre ·

    So awesome seeing this. Love that 2 of my photos have been picked! Mad move lomo!

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    ziudinu ·

    Grazie lomography per aver messo una mia foto. Thank you lomography for using a photo of mine.

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