WHOSMiNG Brings Us to Southern Taiwan with the Lomo Instant Wide

The first time seeing the work of Taiwanese illustrator WHOSMiNG (Ming) was on a calendar in a coffee shop in Taipei. Simple lines and cute illustrations, coupled with inspiring quotes that accompany everyone through the day. This time, we are glad to have invited Ming to Lomography to record his trip to the south last summer with our Lomo'Instant Wide, and to share his list of coffee shops from around the world!

©WHOSMiNG | Camera: Lomo'Instant Wide

Hi WHOSMiNG, welcome to Lomography! Tell us about yourself.

Hello everyone, I'm Ming. WHOSMiNG is my pseudonym and also the name of my illustration and design brand.

©WHOSMiNG | Camera: Lomo'Instant Wide

Apart from the coffee culture, what is the source of your creative inspiration?

Because I love coffee culture, visiting coffee shops has always been a must. In 2016, I visited Portland, a city famous for its variety of independent roasters and small cafés in the States. An idea just popped into my head after taking a sip from the Heart Coffee Roasters , together with the beautiful sunshine, and the whole atmosphere at that time, I immediately wanted to record this beautiful moment with the takeaway coffee still in my hand. I took the signature pen and drew a picture of the bearded barista who made my coffee and took a picture. This became the first picture of my #mingscups series.

©WHOSMiNG | #mingscups series

Traveling brings me a lot of inspiration, not only with foreign countries trips. As long as you're stepping out of your house, you will often encounter many interesting things. To me, the biggest influence is the interaction between people.

Among the hundreds of cafes you have visited, please recommend some of your favorite coffee shops to our readers!

My Portland trip really impressed me with their coffee culture, I can say that it has changed my creative career so far. But cities like New York, Berlin, Tokyo, and Havana have also left me with good impressions.

My favorite is Portland's STUMPTWON, I love their coffee and the atmosphere presented by the whole brand, and this year finally opened their first branch in Asia, in Kyoto with ACE HOTEL. Other coffee shops to mention are Berlin's Bonanza coffee, Kyoto's Kurasu, Ching Mai's THE BARISTRO, London's Monmouth.

©WHOSMiNG | Camera: Lomo'Instant Wide

About instant photography, have you had any experiences of using instant cameras in the past?

When I was very young, my dad bought an instant camera, the 1:1 ratio one. Although I knew how precious instant photos were at that time, I couldn't help but took a lot of photos with the camera.

Where did you take the Lomo'Instant Wide with you this time?

This time I went to the South, my favorite part of Taiwan, and it was my first time to travel with an instant camera. I took pictures of Yuguang Island with good weather, my favorite foods like beef soup, and glutinous rice cakes, and of course, I went to record several coffee shops, Mulan, Meller, and Xiao Coffee. I also brought the Lomo'Instant Wide with me to the Hsinchu Design Exhibition.

©WHOSMiNG | Camera: Lomo'Instant Wide

How did you find your experience with the Lomo'Instant Wide?

I can say I like it very much. At first, I was afraid of bad shots, Instax films aren't so cheap after all! But later I felt that the camera records not only the picture but also the current sense of randomness, and gradually, I was willing to try out some special exposure settings of the camera. I feel that this recording method has something that a digital camera cannot replace.

©WHOSMiNG | Camera: Lomo'Instant Wide

Any upcoming plans to share with us?

Next, I want to do something about Taiwan. I want to go to cities like Hualien, Taitung, and Pingtung that I haven't been to for a long time. I hope to share with the world about places in Taiwan and our coffee culture.

©WHOSMiNG | Camera: Lomo'Instant Wide

Thank you so much for Ming's sharing! Check out his Instagram @whosming for his latest activities! And if you are interested in recording your next trip with the Lomo'Instant Wide, you can find it in our Shop .

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