Introducing lavannula and the ColorNegative 800

Anna, aka lavannula is a plant mum, musician and photography student. Anna got into film two years ago and the Lomography Colornegative 800 is also an integral part of her equipment. In this article you can get to know Anna and her photos, how she got into analogue photography in the first place and how she creates the dreamy aesthetic in her photos.

© lavannula

I'm Anna, 23 years old and currently studying photography in Bielefeld. I lived in Berlin for the last two years, but I'm originally from Augsburg. Besides photography, I am a very musical person. I played the accordion and piano for years and have taken singing lessons. I am teaching myself to play the guitar. Writing poems or short texts has also accompanied me since my teenage years. I am also a very worried mother of 19 plants at the moment.

© lavannula

With analogue photography, 2 years ago I finally found what I had been looking for for so long. A passion. I have always admired the dedication of other people. People who are absorbed in what they create and can be. I saw that energy, that perseverance, that dedication. It never seemed like these people had to muster all that, rather that it came naturally. I was missing that. I missed being able to express what I perceive in a way that is not ruined by its ephemerality. Before these two years, I photographed exclusively digitally.

That was probably also the reason why my camera was either used excessively or exposed to an excess of dust. I loved capturing moments, moods and patterns even back then, but
but the speed of the process took the joy out of it. Trying to capture an experienced moment with countless photos felt arbitrary to me, as it could not do justice to any moment.

© lavannula

When I was handed an analogue camera for the first time, it was not love at first sight. Especially not after I saw on my first rolls how terribly wrong the whole thing can go. But finally I was no longer bored. I couldn't just go and delete what I didn't like and do it again in the same way. By the time I got to see the photos for the first time, the moments I had experienced had long been nothing but a memory.

There was no more room for manoeuvre. I think that is exactly the limitation I needed. It always makes me want to do something different, to improve something and try something new. With analogue photography, I have learned a new language that does not lack words to express one's inner self.

© lavannula

When I'm working on new projects, it's first of all individual words or parts of sentences that I write down, which come to my mind about the topic. Often there is no topic at all. Then everything I'm thinking about ends up on a piece of paper. I try to find parallels or contrasts in what I have written down.

These do not necessarily have to be thematically related. The forms and structures of words and sentences also influence me. But often I just take my camera for a walk. The choice of motif is usually based on shapes, colours, patterns, geometry or simply on certain moods that I encounter at the moment.

© lavannula | Lomography Colornegative 800

When I shoot 35mm, I prefer to use my Olympus OM1. For medium format, it's my beloved Pentax 645. I don't really have a favourite focal length, because each focal length leaves so many different possibilities open that I don't want to commit myself. I first decided on the Lomo CN800 after seeing other photographers' results with this film and being impressed by the look. As I am often out shooting for long periods of time, I wanted to use a film with a high ASA so that I would not be limited by light. I was so satisfied after my first roll that I added the Lomo CN800 to my standard equipment. To achieve softer colours as a result, I like to overexpose the film by one or two stops.

© lavannula

Many thanks to Anna for sharing her photos and experiences with us! Check out her Instagram and get inspired!

written by alinaxeniatroniarsky on 2021-05-16 #people

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