'Siggie' – A Record of Youth From a Mother's Perspective


In her first book, Siggie, Danish fine art photographer Lisbet Nielsen shares an intimate peek into her daughter's journey from girlhood to womanhood, as they coursed through life in three different apartments. Along with tender portraits of Siggie are poetic images of the physical spaces and objects that were present in her coming-of-age. The photobook is a beautiful, bittersweet record of life, at a time when social media has not yet existed. More importantly, it is a mother's loving tribute to a daughter's transformation into being a mother herself.

Credits: Lisbet Nielsen

Hi, Lisbet. What is a typical day for you like?

Every day is different. I like to start my day with a slow morning coffee and find inspiration from all kinds of expressions of life. Some days are planned and concentrated with a clear objective; other days I allow myself the time to think and make work in a spontaneous way.

How did you start your career as a Fine Art Photographer?

Photography has been an essential part of my life for many years. It is an ongoing process. Throughout the years I have taken small persistent steps towards the development of my practice. I have been lucky to meet some very supportive people within the photographic art community on my journey.

Credits: Lisbet Nielsen

What motivated you to pursue photography? Do you remember the first photograph you took?

As a child, I bought a Kodak box Brownie camera and photographed my friends, family, and lots of horses. Buying my first SLR camera when I was 17 increased my fascination with the process and optics of photography. I was inspired by the way I could change focus and sharpness in the picture and intrigued by the magic of working in the darkroom.

How has the global pandemic affected your creative process?

The international crisis caused by the pandemic has made me reflect on the space between the faraway and the nearby. It has inspired a focus on intimacy and domestic space in my recent book project. The forced isolation has allowed me to peacefully concentrate on my creative work.

Credits: Lisbet Nielsen

What inspired you to create the photobook, ‘Siggie’?

The idea of making a book with Polaroids from my life came rather spontaneously. I am preoccupied with the subjects of time and transformation. It occurred to me that the polaroid pictures of interiors, views from windows, and portraits of my teenage daughter could make a coherent narrative in the form of a book.

How is Siggie now? What does she think of a photo book dedicated to her teenhood?

Siggie has recently had her second son and she is doing very fine. She has fully supported the idea of being the consistent figure in the visual narrative and she is very happy about the book.

Credits: Lisbet Nielsen

Siggie by Lisbet Nielsen is available on Disko Bay. Photos were used with permission from the artist and were taken from the press kit.

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