Mastering the Art of Intentional Blurs


Has this ever happened to you: while looking at a blurry photo, you'd think, “This would’ve been nice if I didn’t move”, or “I wish I used a tripod”? Sometimes, blurs are a nuisance, especially when you've carefully composed a photo and thought you did a good job in keeping still for a shake-free shot.

Instead of avoiding it altogether, how about deliberately shooting blurry photos? It may sound as simple as making small movements as you take a photo, but it's also important to consider other factors such as the colors and details of your chosen subjects. When executed well, your photos can look poetic and painterly with dream-like effects.

Credits: merveengin, zweifellosmondbetont & dennis_forero

Use a Manual Camera

A manual camera gives you more control and options. You can ditch the tripod and switch to Bulb mode, do a slight shake, or move your camera in the same direction as your moving subject. You can also double expose, tweak the ISO and shutter speed settings, and do foreground blurring.

Credits: daireselseyler, megiskewl, mimi8909, bleus, kchtkva, lisaca & dominik_unbehagen

Contrast with Colors

Isolate your subject by using colors to make it stand out. The white dress in @zeyfer's photo works well against the blacks and blues of the clouds and sea. Try a cool background if your subject is warm (or vice versa).

Credits: isadorarisso, zeyfer & laurastanciu

Mind Your Silhouettes

Black and white can be a little tricky because the absence of colors makes it difficult to identify details. It's easy to get shapeless blobs unless you're going for a more abstract look. The fewer details the better, but if you're shooting busy scenes, try to retain figures and silhouettes.

Credits: yamasaki, orcke & amelia37blue

Go Low and Slow

Setting your camera to a low ISO and slow shutter speed will give you motion blur. The longer the shutter is open, the more light it lets in, so remember to use a low ISO to avoid overexposure, if you're shooting a well-lit scene.

Credits: antoniapastiu, -dakota-, sakuramiyao, atomic-mildred & tiredofrachel

Have you ever tried deliberately shooting a blurry photo? Share your tips in the comments!

written by shhquiet on 2021-06-08 #tutorials #blur #bulb-mode

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