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There's one thing we've noticed among those we've featured in the magazine, and it is that the pandemic has helped them find their way back into photography. Christopher Schüette is one of them. "Previously, I didn't take photos for 5 years, unless I was on a vacation. Because there wasn't much else to do during the pandemic, I fell in love with photography again and I'm very happy about that."

Chris is a university student based in Hamburg, Germany. His first foray into photography was digital—a friend of his brought a DSLR, he tried it, and enjoyed it. He saved up to buy his own camera soon after. Prior to that, though, he was already involved in making videos of his friends with different video cameras.

One of his interests is skateboarding, and it paved the way for his interest in using film.

"I was inspired to start shooting film when I saw photographs in skateboarding magazines. Back in the day, a large part of the pictures that were published was shot with medium format and 35 mm film cameras. I just fell in love with the look of those pictures and wanted to take such photos of my friends, too."

He admits that he doesn't stick to a visual style. "I just like to document special moments or weird things around me. I think photography should first and foremost be fun… that’s why I basically shoot anything that I find interesting in any way and try not to limit myself to a certain style."

After having started in photography using a DSLR, what does he like about shooting in film?

"It's such a slow process and you keep getting surprised by what a photo looks like in the end. I also love the imperfections, digital is just too smooth for me."

To see more of Christopher's photos, follow him on Instagram.

written by shhquiet on 2021-05-02


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