NOTICE by Wesley Verhoeve – A Photo Book About Slowing Down For Creativity

It took photographer Wesley Verhoeve 1.6 million steps and 307 hours worth of walking to create Notice. Designed by Dan Rubin, this cloth-bound, hardcover photo book features a selection of photographs taken by Wesley over the course of 123 daily photo walks between April 4th and August 5th, 2020, in Vancouver, British Columbia. The book explores how the intentional slowing down of time can help us be more creative and accomplish bigger goals.

Credits: Wesley Verhoeve

Words From The Author

After two years of continuous travel between the great urban centers of New York City, Tokyo, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, and other cities, the world ground to a halt.

By virtue of this most random timing, I found myself stuck in a place I had never been before. A small but beautiful suburban neighborhood of Vancouver was to be my home for the first 5 months of the pandemic.

Everything that was my “normal” suddenly changed to its opposite. Instead of traveling the globe, I was contained in one neighborhood. Instead of meeting and photographing random people all day long, I’d walk for hours without seeing more than a handful of humans. Instead of my busy client work schedule, my inbox was quiet and days blended together.

So, I started walking.

Every day, a few hours, camera in hand. It became my meditative practice and helped me ground myself in a world where everything suddenly seemed uncertain.

I walked around my small neighborhood for 123 consecutive days. I practiced slowing down and paying attention so I could see better. Suddenly my world, which had initially felt so small, was revealed to be a massive universe with tiny stories everywhere.

Wesley Verhoeve

Credits: Wesley Verhoeve

Bonus Photos (Taken with the Fantôme Kino)

Fun fact: The Fantôme Kino makes a cameo in this photo book. Wesley kindly shared some exclusive photos taken with our black & white film. Here's a peek!

Credits: Wesley Verhoeve

Notice is up for pre-order, available in limited copies only. Follow Wesley on Instagram to see more of his photos!

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