Make This a Double: An International Surprise Film Swap!


At a time when the world is still staying in, social distancing and slowly reopening, the chance to take on creative projects may seem low. A lomographer reached out to us to invite you to an exciting, surprise film swap from across the globe!

Credits: ofchanceandchoice

Hello, amazing Lomo community.

I am Anca (Lomo alter ego @ofchanceandchoice), a freelance translator and hobby collector from Bucharest, Romania. Analog photography accompanied me growing up, when I was the official unofficial photographer of high school road trips and classroom shenanigans. After learning the inside workings of a darkroom and investing in a complete setup I sadly went digital. For too long.

If the 2020 lockdown ever had a silver lining, it was that it brought me back to film photography. I started reluctantly, with one analog self-portrait a day. I remembered what I loved about film. The hushing of my mind, the grounding, the surprise. Since then, I tried countless film stocks, I bought more than a dozen cameras and I experimented with double exposures, film soup, and home processing.

And now I am insatiable. This is where an invitation comes in. I haven’t tried a film swap yet and, being inspired by the work of so many great photographers in the Lomo community, I had this idea - let’s do an international film swap! And a surprise one, at that :-)

Credits: ofchanceandchoice

The Mechanics

This is how it works. Please take note of the dates!

A questionnaire. If you are so inclined and excited to take part in an international surprise film swap (actually, two film swaps), head over here and fill in the questionnaire. (by May 7, 2021)

Film swap pairs. I will put all the participants in a hat and make random pairs. Each person will be part of two swaps - sending a roll of film to a photographer and receiving a roll of film from another (surprise) photographer. (by May 9, 2021)

Shoot and send. If possible, select a film stock that would make your partner happy. Shoot and send it (tracked if at all available and affordable). To keep the surprise, try not to reach out to your partner. (by May 31, 2021)

Receive, shoot, and process. Shoot the roll you receive, have it developed and scanned. (by July 15, 2021)

Enjoy and repeat. Scans will be uploaded on a special Lomohome and Instagram account (MakeThisaDouble). And maybe we’ll do this again.

For a smooth and fun film swap for everybody, please sign up only if you are willing to cover the costs (one roll of 135 film and postage, development and scanning of another 135 roll) and if you are available for the tentative timeline (May-July 2021). If postal services everywhere cooperate during these weird times, I am sure we will have a blast.

I am giddy with excitement to connect with you all and to enjoy your vision, your creativity, and your doubles. Join me, will you?

If you have any questions and concerns, you can reach me at my Lomohome and at

2021-04-22 #film-swap


  1. richardhall
    richardhall ·

    Great idea - I'm in!

  2. ofchanceandchoice
    ofchanceandchoice ·

    @richardhall Yay!

  3. ncharpen
    ncharpen ·

    Super cool idea! Just signed up!

  4. ofchanceandchoice
    ofchanceandchoice ·

    @ncharpen Happy to have you!

  5. fartstorm
    fartstorm ·

    I'm in if you'll have me!!

  6. troch
    troch ·

    Yes, brilliant idea! I'm in as well!

  7. impulsofotografo
    impulsofotografo ·

    Awesome I’m excited

  8. ofchanceandchoice
    ofchanceandchoice ·

    @fartstorm @troch @impulsofotografo You made so happy <3

  9. impulsofotografo
    impulsofotografo ·

    @ofchanceandchoice just finished my swap roll today

  10. ofchanceandchoice
    ofchanceandchoice ·

    @impulsofotografo You're fast :-)

  11. klawe
    klawe ·

    @ofchanceandchoice My swap roll arrived in Spain :-)

  12. ofchanceandchoice
    ofchanceandchoice ·

    @klawe I just found out. It's the first one to arrive. Yay!

  13. troch
    troch ·

    My roll was delivered to the US on May 27.

  14. klawe
    klawe ·

    The swap film from Switzerland (retrobaer/pola_baer lomo bluebear) arrived today @ofchanceandchoice

  15. ofchanceandchoice
    ofchanceandchoice ·

    @klawe Yay, thank you for letting me know <3

  16. fartstorm
    fartstorm ·

    Will the scans be posted in individual Lomohomes or just on the special one?

  17. manu2021
    manu2021 ·

    Amazing. Am I in time or it is too late for this year?

  18. metaluna
    metaluna ·

    Very Lomo cool

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