A Gothic Fairytale in Lomochrome Purple With Carianne Older

Part model, part photographer, Carianne Older is based in sunny Los Angeles where she specializes in portrait photography. Although she used to shoot with a digital camera, for her nothing came close to the look of film. "I love the vintage, nostalgic look of film,"she explains. "Nothing compares." With two of her favorite models to shoot, Bella and Ruby, she created a "fairy and goth" portrait session with our LomoChrome Purple.

Drawing inspiration from the 1970s and 1980s, but also from David Lynch's visionary creation, Carianne has been working to create mystical shoots in collaboration with her models. "Whenever working with new clients I always make sure to chat with them a bit at first so we get on a friendly level," she explains. "I would never make anyone in front of my lens do anything they aren’t comfortable with either. Comfort is key."_ Her shooting tips and tricks are to blast some tunes, have fun with your models, and keep on shooting until your vision comes to life. With the LomoChrome Purple, she managed to create surreal shots.

"I really wanted to shoot the LomoChrome Purple film for this shoot because I knew we were going down the fairy vibes route. I feel the purple film outdoors is incredibly amazing. I love how every shot is a different hue. I am obsessed with it!"

Carianne doesn't intend on stopping there: for her next shoot, she plans on trying out the LomoChrome Purple in a studio setting, trying out the range of possibilities the color switching film offers. Until then, she keeps us daydreaming in the fairy world she created from scratch (with a little LomoHelp!)

You can follow her on Instagram or check out her website.

written by tamarasaade on 2021-06-25 #culture #people

LomoChrome Purple Film 100-400 35mm

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