Woman Lomographer on the Rise: @flaviaslick

The women in Lomography are always pushing the future of film forward. Italian Lomographer Flavia a.k.a. flaviaslick was on our Community Spotlight last year, and it's only deserving that we feature her once again for Women's Month.

Flavia's been a longtime film shooter -- since 2012, and she discovered the world of Lomography in 2014, but it's only 'til lately she finally joined our esteemed and talented community when she went to Vienna. "The LomoCommunity is amazing and I love to take part in it, with so many opportunities to get to know new people, new inspiration, tipster, missions, contests, and so on and so forth. It's such a cool place that's why I've invited lots of friends to join!"

Flavia is a Master of Science in Neurobiology (with a focus n zoomusicality). Because of this, the Lomography motto "don't think, just shoot" is liberating for her as she loves to curate memories, be it every scene in the street, shop, house, landscape, society... everything that reflects the power of life.

Flavia's LomoHome is a hub of her own experimentations in the truest Lomographic fashion. The experimental side is what drew her in the community.

"t's fundamental for me because it gave me the opportunities to create something new from my trials and errors, and as a scientist, this mentality is radicated in me... That's why Lomo's motto 'Don't think just shoot' is something liberating for me as I am a devotee of light and memories."

The photography world, just like in the art world and the politics surrounding it especially with artist representation, are still on-going. However, Flavia's safe from all of these unfortunate encounters as a woman photographer and Lomographer in our Community. She says:

"Honestly, so far no bad experience here. Rather I have to say that the Lomo Community seems to be a cool place, where sexism is not common and respect is something strong, and I really like this. Here I found lots of lovely people that appreciate my work, motivate me and sometimes teach me a lot of new stuff about this crazy way to capture the world."

Flavia is confident even in her photography and processes. She wishes that more women artists can find the inner strength to be the same and just do whatever their hearts wish. "Give up the fear of judgment, just express yourself and your vision of the universe!" Flavia had someone come over to Lomography's welcoming pack as well, @dercaferca, who is becoming a double-exposures expert with her SMENA camera.

While Flavia is a woman of science, she is also of the arts and the magical, even citing her Zodiac sun sign (Gemini) to be partially a reason of her creative outbursts -- the kind that seeks artistic indulgence. Her photographs truly reflect the eruptive, colorful chaos.

"Most of the time during the day (and night) I feel like an exploding volcano, and it's not always a good feeling. I have this urge to create and discover. I always noticed how all my real friends are artists, never had people close to me who studied something scientific, and I think that's because I find my complementary artistic side in other people. Creativity for me mostly comes from curiosity and the desire to make something new using exciting things that I learned!"

Now that Flavia just graduated, she's biding her time with enjoying film photography and everything that feels good for her. She lately began to develop her own films at home. "What I wish for myself is to pursue my ambitions in my study field, keep on academic research, better if in countries with stunning landscapes and exotic animals, so that I will always have a good reason to shoot more and more."

For more of Flavia's film photography and analogue adventures, visit her LomoHome. Our Lomographic ladies, #ChooseToChallenge with us and Flavia and get raise your creative voices!

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