Picturing the "New Normal" Romance with Lomography


The pandemic isn't going away any time soon, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate Valentine's Day -- Lomo style! Here are some Valentine ideas and memories you should capture with your film or instant cameras.

Credits: klive0420

Theme of Tactility

We missed being able to touch and feel others, especially in 2020 when the lockdown and quarantine was in full scale. With the easing of the 'new normal' into our lives and several vaccines finally being developed and mass-produced, the world is about to reopen any time soon. Your parents, close-knit family members or friends and their significant others might be good models for exploring the theme of tactility.

Some compositions of skin-to-skin, intimate contact with the hint of romance can spin simple portraits into something more meaningful -- just be clear of the type of vibe or aura you want to emit. Using either black-and-white or color negative films such as the Lomography Color Negative 100 can communicate different moods. For a wider selection or more special color formulas, you can check out our film stocks.

Credits: analogidy, frenchyfyl, lafilledeer & raissafitzgerald

Homebound Couple Selfies

Some of you might want to get a little bit more creative with the low-key intimate vibe of selfies indoors. Easily spice this up a little with our Lomo'Instant and its endless accessories to refine those self-portraits. Many of our editions are bundled with the essential lenses (the Fisheye lens is among our favorites for the instant distortion) and color gels while the Lomo'Instant Automat is armored extra lenses, splitzer. and remote control for wider creative options.

Credits: raissafitzgerald, abinadi & kurttakkun

A World of Our Own

Who said you can't enjoy the great outdoors at this time of the year? You just need to know where to go. Wide, open and natural spaces like parks, forests, or non-crowded areas are great for your rendezvous with your friend or significant other for an aesthetic photoshoot. Invite your favorite couple to experiment with setup, props, staging. Pre-wedding pictorials in meadows and open greenery have also become popular spots to observe social distancing while still enjoying the fresh air.

Credits: ni_che, p_child, poznolisha, neufotomacher & nutsa

Domestic Bliss

If you don't mind burrowing yourself and your loved me in the comfort of your own home and safe space, some indoor photography might be a good option for you. Long-term couples who have gone past the heights of the honeymoon stage and are now into enjoying each other side by side by doing their own things is incredibly domestic! It's a unique and fresh take on what constitutes as romantic in the 'new normal'.

Use a black and white film such as the Potsdam Kino 100 for well-lit surroundings or the Berlin Kino 400 for darker spaces to nail that home-documentary style with monochrome and fine film grain.

Credits: fabiovnova, m3lcaptures, berfinabasiz & nuriafarre

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