5+1: A Chromatic Instax Film Soup by Benoit Pernuit


Many of you may have wondered how some images from your fellow Lomographers compose and create their distinctive photographs. In the spirit of learning and growing in 2021, our new series will feature the experimental essence of Lomography through short yet succinct visual guides and samples, 5+1: a photo for the very process or project, and 5 extra photos showing the results from their work.

We're kicking off with Lomographer Benoit Pernuit a.k.a. benoitp and his own, special recipe for an Instax film soup through his own words and images.

Photo by benoitp

The current days are strange for everyone, mainly for creation and culture… But we always find something to do, to discover. The advantage with photography is that it is adaptable to any situation, we can always take pictures. But the current situation allowed me to experiment with a lot of films and techniques and to concentrate on small productions, in the end, there is some advantage to the actual context.

I started the Instax film soup quite a long time ago. I did a lot of experiments when I was a student: cyanotypes, pinhole, chemigram… And then I tried doing film soups in 35 mm, I was pretty happy with the results but as a big fan of instant film I logically started experimenting with it… and the Frankenstein monster was born!

The Recipe

First, prepare the materials you'll need.

For the Instax film: Instax film (Mini, Square or Wide), cutter, gloves (better to use gloves, the chemical products are not hand cream!), a small container to mix the soup (that we don’t drink!), cotton tips, paintbrushes

For the soup: water (hot), bleach, lemon, alcohol, tea

Now, the steps for the film soup. You can refer to the visual guide below!

  1. Take a picture. The newer the picture, the better the results.
  2. Cut the back, gently remove the purple part.
  3. Soak into water (hot if possible) to remove the dark emulsion (be careful with your skin!)
  4. Apply delicately (or not) the mix or let your picture soak…
  5. And now, play on.
  6. And of course, share the results!
Visual guide by benoitp

The Results

I immediately enjoyed the experiment, the manipulations, and the uncertainty. I found it fun and it’s magic to get the results instantly! It has a direct effect on the image, it’s awesome! And it’s great to go further than the pictures, it doesn’t stop at the shutter release. We add a layer of interpretation to these new landscapes, more dreamy, more graphical and aesthetical.

Just one, give it a try! You won’t fail. It’s just important to note that all instant films won’t react the same way according to the brand, I'll let you try with others. ;)

Photos by benoitp

For more of Benoit's photography, visit his Instagram or follow his LomoHome!

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