Pusan: A Crazy 1 Night 4 Days Trip


We did a crazy 1 night, 4 day trip to Pusan from Osaka International Port. It was fun and very affordable and I definitely recommend that you guys try this out sometime soon. Read on more about the chronicles of our adventures here!

On the first day, we took a ferry from Osaka International Port to Pusan, which is located at the southern tip of Korean peninsula. Although it takes only 2 hours to fly from Japan to Korea, it took a good 24 hours to get there by sea. You have plenty of time on the ferry: reading, sunbathing, drinking beers, or even playing mahjong games in a game room. Not to mention, we chose the third option.

After 24 hours of pretty comfortable trip (we had a lot of beers, wines and sangrias), we arrived Pusan on the second day. We first visited Jagalchi Fish Market, where they have all variety of seafood. We did a little shopping at nearby markets and had a lunch as well. We seemed to be quite lucky to see a festival in nearby Yongdu-san Park, although we only had 15 minutes to spend (I really hate it, but the tour bus was waiting!!).

After checking in to the hotel, we went to Haeundae area for dinner. This place is quite famous for seafood and it’s a resort town for locals. My friend Kay joined us and, upon my brother’s request, we had a big seafood dinner there. Then we went to the local supermarket for shopping. I bought some VCDs, Korean noodles, spices, etc.

Now, we only have 10 more hours to stay here. Some cocktails at the hotel lounge and cups of coffee followed after the midnight driving and more shopping. I came back to the hotel at 3 in the morning.

The third day started with Korean noodle breakfast before we took a bus to the ferry terminal. Another 24 hours of comfortable (and a bit boring this time) ferry ride took us back to Osaka next day. We spent 48 hours on the ferry and had only 24 hours in Pusan. But the tour (including a lunch, bus transportation and accommodation) cost us about $250 each… Not a bad deal, I guess.

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  1. afterain
    afterain ·

    Pusan is my 2nd favorite city of Korea! I'll try one day to go from Pusan to Osaka by sea just like you :-) Thanks for sharing your great shots.

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