The Film Swappers Society: Bravopires' Mutual Love for Turquoise with Lalouve


For many, photography seems to be an individual and isolated activity -- but not for Lomographers! In the Lomography Community, film-swapping is part of the analogue lifestyle. It's a communal way to not just get to know other fellow film soulmates but also to collaborate their art styles and visions. In fact, there's quite a circle for our film swappers. Let's begin with João Pires a.k.a. bravopires and his first encounter and collaboration with Lomographer Lena, a.k.a. lalouve.

Credits: bravopires

The two did not know each other personally at first, their camaraderie bloomed through their common love for analogue photography and Lomography. João mentioned that their mutual admiration for each other's work also prompted their film swap project. but the true catalyst of their newly-formed partnership was all because of their affinity for the LomoChrome Turquoise. João recalled:

"Lena saw one of my albums using Lomochrome Turquoise. This film is discontinued and hard to find. We love the singularity of it, its color-shifting capacity, its mood. So, as I had yet two rolls, we decided we must start a swap (Our second swap with this film is now in the course). The concept is based on the singularity of the film, its singular color capacity- we would like to reach new colors if that was possible... and in the pleasure of experimentation and crossed random imagery."
Credits: bravopires

The series contains superimposed shots of scenery, flora, and a model, all cohesively painted together with the cool hues of the film. There's uniformity present in the photographs as if they were all just taken by one photographer. "I thought they were very agreeable, with that particular mood of the film, those colors, besides some interesting light leaks and compositions." said João.

As a guiding rule, the first layer was shot in a darker setting, while the second layer has more light. Here are João's favorite shots from the film swap:

Credits: bravopires

The film swap project is still on-going between João and Lena, with a new one using LomoChrome Turquoise again, and another using Kodak Tri-X Pan 400.

Get updated with João and Lena's film swap project by following them on their LomoHomes bravopires and lalouve.

written by cielsan on 2021-02-01 #culture #film-swap #lomochrome-turquoise

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