A LomoWalk with “Berlin on Film” Community — Part II

Photographer and member of the Berlin on Film Community Noemi a.k.a. malin_konica revealed in a previous article that they are Lomography gear lovers themselves, now we get familiar with three more members and their thoughts and experiences with Lomography.

Antje (@analogimpressions)

Antje is a clever woman of science with a strong self-reflective attitude. She has always been into photography - but now, for a reason, she will explain herself, she is back to the practice of film photography.

"In a world as fast as today’s, where everything seems to be possible and accessible, what I like most about shooting analogue is the deceleration: the mindful, conscious and elective process of shooting, as well as the anticipation that results from not seeing your outcome right away."
© @analogimpressions | LomoChrome Purple

We had the pleasure to have Antje as part of the community since the very beginning. For her being part of the group has been a great way to step out of her comfort zone and taking new challenges to evolve as a photographer. The most encouraging thing about Antje is how she sees the future: she is already conquering the skill of shooting portraits, daring to shoot more and more black and white rolls and experimental films.

© @analogimpressions | LomoChrome Purple

On the Lomography film she tried:

"I had never shot a roll of "LomoChrome Purple":https://shop.lomography.com/en/lomochrome-purple-film-35mm-5pack before, so I was really excited and curious about how it would meet my style, which is actually not too experimental. Other people’s shots on Lomo purple that I have seen on Instagram & Co. often have a surreal, playful summer vibe. So, I took this roll as a challenge to add some more experimental playfulness into my pictures. We met on a grey Sunday, November 1st, to shoot our rolls in the northern part of Berlin. Despite the obviously missing summer vibe, topic-wise I still tried to stick to the playful aspect to make the film’s tint underline the content."
© @analogimpressions | Lomochrome Purple
"My favorite pictures are the ones with the little kiosk since the tint accentuates the trashiness of the toys in the display window, as well as the one with the red gate because the film makes the red gate really pop out nicely. In the future, I definitely want to shoot Lomo purple again in summer, and probably at ISO 100 to give it some more light. Preferably in a natural setting, to make it even more fairytale-like."

Duygu (@duyguzel)

Duygu is pretty new to Berlin and to the community. She came from Izmir to Germany in 2019 and she managed to integrate immediately with the strength of her passion and positivity.

"Having people around me that have the same enthusiasm for photography that I have, made me feel less alone in this new city and culture."
© @duyguzel | LomoChrome Metropolis

Duygu mostly captures moments on the street or urban places, also composing with light — most of the time trying to create visionary scenes. Recently she is challenged to shoot more portraits, due to the availability of beautiful people in the group.

© @duyguzel | LomoChrome Metropolis

Duygu didn't try a lot of Lomography rolls in her photographic experience. She chose to try the LomoChrome Metropolis and here are her impressions:

"I was just a little bit nervous because I knew the film itself has a little bit of a darker color palette than I usually work with. But it was a total experiment and in the end, when I saw the results I was so happy how they turned out. I prefer sharp and contrasty photos and this film met my expectations."
© @duyguzel | LomoChrome Metropolis
"My favorite shot in the whole roll is Noemi’s portrait cause I never expected the colors to be this beautiful and it captured my feelings when I saw that flower on the street. After all, I believe film photography has a soul and every film makes that soul alive and for me, "LomoChrome Metropolis":https://shop.lomography.com/en/lomochrome-metropolis-film-35mm-5pack definitely has its own characteristic that I want to continue to shoot with."
© @duyguzel | LomoChrome Metropolis

Ronny (@roenne_roekson)

Ronny is the leader of the Berlinonfilm walks: he is very much into researching interesting sites to explore an unknown Berlin and paves the ways for other photographers to walk and interpret the locations on their own.

© @roenne_roekson | Berlin Kino

Ronny is our analogue photographer senior — he is one of the most knowledgeable of the community in terms of film rolls, cameras, development, and so on. He shoots mostly streets, architecture, lights, and shadow-play, rarely portraits.

© @roenne_roekson | Berlin Kino

Lomography films? He tried them all. All but one: Berlin Kino 400. That’s the one he picked for the challenge — here his impressions:

"I really like the fine-grained dark/hard contrast look of the film. I would like to try the roll again with another developer and push-processing it. My favorite shot is the one of Noemi standing in the door. I like the lights and shadows playing and nice contrast."
© @roenne_roekson | Berlin Kino

Thank you to @berlinonfilmmag for the beautiful photos and their thoughts on the film and analogue photography. Special thanks to malin_konica for the organization! Follow Berlin on Film on Instagram for more updates and photo walks near you!

written by alinaxeniatroniarsky on 2021-02-04 #people #places #berlin #lomography

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