Around the World in Analogue: Life in the Green City, Zelenograd


Back in 1958, Zelenograd was a new town formed and planned by the Soviet Union, specialized to become the central hub of electronics, microelectronics and the computer industry, and it has become as such to this very day for Russia. Dubbed as the "Green City" in reference to the city's color and the symbolic animal, the squirrel, Zelenograd offers much more as it provides wide, open spaces where modernity and nature meet. Through the photographs of Lomographer Igor Silaev a.k.a. mahoney66, we see a gorgeous glimpse of his life in the okrug in harmonious colors.

Credits: mahoney66

I think 2020 was very hard for everyone. There are various restrictions in the country. Due to some restrictions, I even had to change jobs. But it was only good because I had more free time. Thanks to this, I returned to photography!

I live in Zelenograd (Autonomous district of Moscow). Unlike the center of Moscow, it is more calm and measured, and there are a lot of trees in our city (Zelenograd literally translates as green city). Thanks to this, you can feel a certain connection with nature here, as if you are in the village. But at the same time, some areas look like a metropolis. There is also a very unusual architecture in the style of post-Soviet modernism, it is very inspiring. That's probably why I love this city.

Credits: mahoney66

First of all, I love my view from the window, because there are unreal sunsets. There are also many parks and alleys in the city, and in my opinion, they are much more picturesque than parks in the center of Moscow and not so mainstream. I would recommend Victory Park (not to be confused with the Park of the same name in Moscow) and the arboretum. From the Central parks, I would recommend VDNH, there is something to see and shoot.

Next to my house there is a Tanuki restaurant, where they prepare delicious Asian food. And from the bars I would recommend Hops & Coffee, it is located next to the train station. There are many varieties of author's beer and damn fine coffee!... and hot! If we talk about the center, then be sure to visit the cafe PEOPLE as PEOPLE -- this is a pleasant place where you can eat delicious and inexpensive food.

Credits: mahoney66

I Advise you to come to Moscow in the middle of summer, at this time there are the most comfortable weather conditions and you can walk all day long. Visit as many attractions and parks as possible, take a ride in the Moscow metro and take as much film with you as possible because here it is much more expensive! If you still need a film, then I recommend Perspektivalab. They have a good selection of films and the price is reasonable.

I like to think about the first time I went to Sokolniki Park with my girlfriend. That day, I was terribly stung by my new sneakers, but even that didn't spoil this beautiful day. We walked all day and took a lot of pictures. If you are in Moscow, be sure to go to Sokolniki Park!

Credits: mahoney66

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  1. polkaroo
    polkaroo ·

    Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing.

  2. an4
    an4 ·

    nice photos,
    interesting report of that town,

  3. ericnie
    ericnie ·

    very very good!! I like it !!

  4. votyakov
    votyakov ·

    Thank you! Well said and beautiful photos. Only Zelenograd is not an «autonomous», but an administrative district.

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