Quick Holiday Gift Guide for the Film Photographer

On a holiday rush for gift shopping for your film lover friends and family? No need to head out, you can easily check out items from the Lomography Online Shop! There's one for each and every Lomographer!

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For the Cinema-Loving Connoisseur

A gift you can give for your lensman soulmate -- whether they're a photographer or filmmaker, film or digital user -- is a sleek and flexible Art Lens that they can be proud of. A Petzval 55 mm f/1.7 Art Lens is capable of reshaping reality thanks to its seven levels of Bokeh Control and Dual Aperture System. Know anyone who loves the signature Lomo look from the LC-A? Indulge their vignetting and penchant for rich colors with the Lomogon 2.5/32 Art Lens.

Or get your lensman friends a versatile set with the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System, that's three prime lenses with different focal lengths coming in handy for any type of situation. If you're feeling extra generous, add the Naiad 15 mm too! A lens is basically a photographer's eye -- enrich their views and insights further with Art Lenses.

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For the Intermediate Analogue Artist

Do you know a friend who's been into experimental and quirky photography techniques and methods lately? Support their ferocious phases for analogue by introducing them cameras that outside the usual 35 mm point and shoot format -- like the timeless and beloved medium format Lomo Lubitel 166. If they've already graduated from bigger sizes, make them build their own medium format cameras and explore liquids as filters for film by giving them a LomoMod No.1. Lomographer Carl Foran a.k.a. foranfilm suggested starting also with the good ol' Fisheye No. 2 to spice up the holidays:

"I would recommend is the Fisheye No. 2! Have used this at Christmas lots of time and it’s captured the world in a bubble. So good for looking back on Christmas memories with close-ups of family members through the eyes of the fisheye. A super funky camera to have.


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For Long Time Lomographers

Your veteran Lomographer friends most likely already have bought every camera in the shop, and you wouldn't want to make the mistake of giving them something they already have. The safest but also the most appreciated items you can give them would be stocks of Lomography films. Mind you, Lomographers are notorious for finishing rolls of film! Many will appreciate you giving them bundles of rolls from the fresh family of Lomography Kino B&W films as they experiment with them with their DIY darkrooms.

Since many of us will be staying indoors during the holidays, you can also your Lomographer friends something to experiment with for their indoor photography using the LomoChrome Metropolis and Color Negative Film 800. Carl's reason for this: "The Metropolis has amazing colors and a vintage vibe, this film will make your Santa shots stand out and give them that nostalgic look that we all look for. Especially when we look back on the previous Christmas and remember the amazing Christmas’s that have passed. I also recommend the Color Negative 35mm ISO 800 for all your indoor use at Christmas! Lovely colors and the high iso means you can still get your great shots at the dinner table."

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For the Film Freshman

Know anyone suddenly interested in film photography? Or do you want to introduce a friend or your child to the world of analogue photography? Ease it into them by surprising them with a Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera. Carl boasts how the reloadable camera is easy, quick, and handy to use while ensuring a perfect shot. The Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera is also pre-loaded with four film options – either with the LomoChrome Metropolis, LomoChrome Purple, Color Negative 400, or Black and White. You can get them all for a cheaper price in a special bundle. For the aspiring filmmaker, let the LomoKino teach them the ropes of cinema!

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