Gabriel Sousa: First Time Insta-Love with the Lomo'Instant

Every day, a new promising Lomographer is born; every day someone falls a little more in love with Lomography. Lomographer Gabriel Sousa, a.k.a. dibriu earlier this year – just before the pandemic intensified – bought his very own Lomography camera, the Lomo’Instant. Now, he has collected his first memories with the instant camera through the beautiful scenes of Brazil. 

Credits: dibriu

Gabriel took his Lomo’Instant in various places and states in Brazil such as São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Goiás, Mato Grosso, and the Rio Grande do Sul. Highly inspired by cinema, paintings, artists, books, the Lomography Community, and the Lomography Magazine, he likes to experiment with the Lomo’Instant through manual adjustments. One of the features that he utilized at a maximum was the multiple exposure setting: 

“I love the multiple. Thinking of a picture on another one is a sensation beyond the picture, abstracting that, photo-graph: writing with an image.”
Credits: dibriu

His subjects are of daily life, including nature, architecture, skating, street, people, and the urbanscape. When creating these images, Gabriel makes sure the elements are in harmony with each other often through geometric shapes – he looks for tranquil compositions. 

Now, he’s got himself two more cameras – the Diana Mini and the Oktomat. Lately, he’s working on a photo book with abstractionism. 

Credits: dibriu

For more of Gabriel's work, visit his Instagram and LomoHome.

written by cielsan on 2020-12-21 #culture #people #places #lomo-instant-mini #gabriel-sousa

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