Shooting a Wet Plate Portrait with a Wide-angle f/4 Lens by Markus Hofstätter

New toy, new project. Markus Hofstätter has become a regular in the Magazine because he's just so passionate when it comes to photography. He's churning out new photo projects one after another even during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. It's safe to say that if there's a will, there's a new cool photo-related content from Markus.

© Markus Hofstätter

Tinkering around inside his studio in Austria, Markus walks us through his quick photo project that involves his wet plate camera and a Ross Xpress 4" f/4 wide-angle lens. It wouldn't be a Markus Hofstätter project if it didn't involve a fun video to accompany it with. He fitted the lens to his trusty wet plate camera and the shoot was well on its way.

© Markus Hofstätter

Wet plate photography is such an interesting area of analogue photography. While it's a little technical and complicated to look into, Markus makes it look easy and fun. He makes analogue photography such a unique experience with his finished prints and video production skills. We gotta admit, we're always in awe of his projects every time he puts out new content.

© Markus Hofstätter

How about you? Have you been tinkering with your camera lately? Shoot us an email if you have a photo project that you would like to be featured. We'll be waiting!

We would like to thank Markus for sharing his photo project with us. Visit his website and blog to see all of his analogue creations and discover the world of wet plate photography.

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