Orakei, Auckland

The view from city to sea from Orakei Marina is just gorgeous – the salty air is invigorating on a bright day. A walk around the marina perimeter offers some interesting photo opportunities, from old timers lounging about, to weary seafarers!

Orakei Marina in Auckland City is along the popular East Tamaki Drive, which runs from the city along the eastern bays shoreline. The drive is popular with cyclists and walkers, and features in the annual round-the-bays running event.

The whole drive is beautiful. In winter, the light in New Zealand is quite crisp, offering sharp reflections from the ocean and vibrant colors.

The Marina is open to the public, and you can walk right out around the sea wall, with great views of Rangitoto island and back to the city. Rangitoto island is a dormant volcano, it’s last known eruption is thought to have been 600 years ago.

Plenty of recreational pursuits are on offer in the area of Orakei, from walking, rollerblading and cycling to kayaking and just enjoying the beaches, there are plenty of people around to photograph – or just make the most of the incredible harbor..

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