Let's Be Honest – the Lomo'Instant Wide Will Capture Your Life, a Review by @dlgv

Community member Alla Dolgova (@dlgv) is a camera collector based in Russia. In this article, she reviews the Lomo'Instant Wide and details her experience while capturing moments of her life.

A pinch of history: the Lomo’Instant Wide was launched in 2015 and there were four available designs in Lomo’Instant Wide line: black, white, the limited Portobello edition, and the Central Park which is reviewed in this article. The primary difference between them is the design of the cameras and the fact that the Central Park edition is covered in real leather whilst the other editions are covered in PU leather.

Photos by @dlgv

Basically, as many previous reviews from the community have pointed out, the Lomo'Instant Wide has the following specifications:

  • Shutter Speeds: automatic shutter from 8 sec - 1/250, a constant 1/30 setting, and Bulb mode
  • Exposure compensation: +1 / -1
  • Available apertures: f / 8, f / 22
  • Unlimited Multiple Exposures
  • Remote Control Lens Cap
  • Thread for filters: 49 mm
  • Built-in flash which could be switched on or off
  • PC-Sync Socket for external flashes and studio strobes
  • Tripod Thread

Unlike its predecessor, the Lomo'Instant Mini, the Lomo'Instant Wide has both automatic and manual shooting modes, along with color filters for the flash, and lenses for obtaining a variety of images. But the main difference is the size of the pictures. The camera uses the larger Instax Wide film format, capturing images that are about twice the size of the mini and more closely resembles the classic Polaroid, which many of us grew up with. Moreover, the photographs are tactilely pleasing, and the size is suitable both to put on display on a shelf and to take with you wherever you go.

I collect cameras. And one of the most important aspects that I pay attention to while choosing a new camera is its design – the technique should be not only broadly functional but stylish as well. So, having analyzed the market, I can say with confidence that it is impossible to find an alternative to the Lomo’Instant Wide.

I've enumerated the pros of the camera but there are some cons as well. These are just slight disadvantages that are shadowed by the positives and I think it's only fair to mention them in this article as well.

However, a small hitch can lead to big difficulties. The direct optical viewfinders have some rough guidelines, but you'll often find that the camera captures more in the frame than it suggests. You just have to practice and fine-tune your shooting to get the hang of this. It is also important to say that while the camera looks big, it does not weigh much. Which in turn, may affect stability (it's best to keep a tripod with you just in case). Another disadvantage that some camera critics mention is the cost of the camera and Instax Wide cartridges – but I don’t think this is a major turn off. People who have the ability to consider instant cameras can afford it and its maintenance. Now, back to the fun side of the Lomo'Instant Wide.

Photos by @dlgv

This is a nice camera to use for creative shots. Not only do you get an instant camera with good heft, but you also get high-quality images. The camera can take photos with effects and you can just do away with Photoshop. Just ask yourself "what happens if..." and try another shooting mode. The results just might surprise you. And let's be honest, with its good looks and rich features, the Lomo'Instant Wide can and will capture your life.

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