Tsutomu Umezawa's First Impressions of LomoGraflok 4 × 5 Instant Back

Tsutomu Umezawa says that he usually shoots with color negative films for portrait projects #It Girlie. I asked him to shoot with the LomoGraflok 4x5 Instant Back, an instant back that allows you to enjoy Fujifilm Instax Wide Film with a 4x5 large format camera.

© Tsutomu Umezawa

Hello! Please introduce yourself.

I’m Tsutomu Umezawa. I shoot advertising photos and movies, mainly using film.

© Tsutomu Umezawa

How long have you been shooting in large-format?

I started shooting with a large-format camera 10 years ago. Sparrow Photo is a large format camera store and many legendary large format photographers go and meet there. I bought the first camera there.

What do you find so fascinating about shooting with large format cameras?

When I shot and printed my first photos, I was super surprised that it captured more details than I could actually see with my own eyes. I felt like the subject actually existed, “lived”, inside of the picture. It was so detailed and vivid.

© Tsutomu Umezawa

How did you like the LomoGraflok 4x5 Instant Back ?

I liked it a lot. It is simple and very user friendly. You can eject a film just by pushing a button and that’s it. It is easy to use, and I find it very lomographic.

What is the large format cameras’ situation in the Japanese market?

It used to be a camera for old-school photographers. But as film is booming now, young photographers start to use 35 mm cameras again, and even large-format cameras for their artwork and professional shooting for magazines. That's a great trend I think.

© Tsutomu Umezawa

What do you expect from Lomography?

I think Lomography tries to protect the analogue culture and film, from the big waves of digital transformation. So I also really enjoy the “process of shooting” that comes with the LomoGraflok, besides the photograph itself. I would love to shoot larger format instant photos in the future if that’s possible haha.

Models : Mary ,Cezan ,Erina ,Shawn

Many thanks to Tsutomu for his impressions and his thoughts with “LomoGraflok 4x5 Instant Back”https://shop.lomography.com/jp/lomo-graflok-instant-back! Check out his “Instagram”:https://www.instagram.com/tsutomu.umezawa/ and get inspired

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