Introducing The Instant Collages of Andrea Ehrenreich


The artworks of the photo artist and community member Andrea Ehrenreich catch the eye because she creates unique, emotional, and colorful collages from her already wonderful pictures. Thus a completely individual visual language is created, which captivates the viewer. Here she talks about how the idea of instant collages was born, so sit back and get inspired!

© Andrea Ehrenreich

It all started when I visited the exhibition "Polaroid (im)possible" at the Galerie Westlicht in Vienna in 2011. I was immediately fascinated by the effectiveness of the pictures taken with this simple camera. Right after leaving the show, I bought a Polaroid 600 camera.

I had to learn how careful you have to be with the lighting and how carefully you have to choose the subject. Polaroid pictures are reduced, concentrating on the essential is necessary. These films are expensive, but that's what makes you think more about the individual photo.

© Andrea Ehrenreich

In the beginning, I had more rejects, today this happens much less. And when it does happen, I experiment with these photos. I put the photo in water or in a chemical, spray the colors, boil it in water and whatever more comes to my mind. That gives me new ideas, new ways.

After one year the Polaroid 600 camera was no longer enough for me, so I bought the Polaroid SX 70. This is still my favorite camera today. Using these two cameras in parallel has allowed me to try out numerous combinations until I ended up with collages. I love to mix colors, graphics, motifs, where each individual image has its own story, and together they create a graphically or visually appropriate new meaning.

© Andrea Ehrenreich

One of my main motives is Vienna, a city with many faces and narratives. On my website you can see several collages about Vienna. Slowly I am working towards the completion of a book that sees Vienna with polaroid eyes.

At the same time, people or small objects are very exciting to me. Several times I have received a prize from Art limited. Meanwhile, several galleries worldwide have shown interest in my work, such as Yellow Korner (who has represented me for years) or Artistcollective (AU) and I am happy that my artwork is hanging in rooms all over the world.

© Andrea Ehrenreich

Sometimes it goes through my mind and I ask myself which places my paintings have been given... There is no goal, the path develops with the search. My Polaroid collages are milestones in the search for new motifs, color combinations, material treatments. This is exactly what fascinates me.

When it gets too cold outside in winter for Polaroid films, I use my Lubitel camera, which I bought in the Lomography Shop. This camera reminds me of my childhood in the CSSR.

© Andrea Ehrenreich

Many thanks to Andrea for sharing her unique creations and the story behind them with us here! Check out her website or her LomoHome and explore Andrea's work!

written by alinaxeniatroniarsky on 2020-12-09 #culture #people #andrea-ehrenreich


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