Fashion Photographer Zhang Keyue Tries The LomoGraflok 4x5 Instant Back For the First Time!

In recent years, Zhang Keyue has been active in the fashion photography circle, constantly trying to create cross-border and new themes. This time, we invite Zhang Keyue creating with the LomoGraflok 4x5 Instant Back, let's take a look!

Photographer Zhang Keyue (章轲越)

Hello Keyue, it's great to have you here at Lomography. First off, can you tell us when did you start photography

When I was young, I liked to go out and traveled to many different countries. At that time, I started to record some things in life with a camera. I became a professional photographer because of my love for taking pictures as well as the influence of my friends around me. My passion for photography has been retained since my childhood.

Can you tell us about everyday life as a photographer?

In the last half of the year, I have been on a busy schedule. Due to the COVID-19, I moved from Toronto to Shanghai and started my own studio offline.

In addition to regular commercial shooting, I also participate in photography exhibitions and do fun things like doing a "Zine". In addition, I will also give my students some technical courses and small photography sharing lectures. Recently, there have been many connections with variety shows, and I will also participate in part of the recording work. I always hope to continue to explore the possibilities in myself.

© Zhang Keyue (章轲越)

What are the most impressive things in your career?

When I first started photography, my teacher helped me a lot. When working with him, what impressed me most was his work attitude. I am a relatively large person, I often tend to be careless in many details, but I have benefited a lot during this time, I have changed a lot of my attitude and habits in work. These habits include preparations for shooting, and remedies when encountering difficulties. These are all very precious experiences.

How about your experience of trying LomoGraflok 4 x 5 Instant Back ?

In fact, I have had the experience of switching cameras to play imaging a long time ago. The instant back is connected to a large-format camera, so the shooting rhythm is bound to slow down. For me, trying LomoGraflok 4 × 5 Instant Back is a very interesting and creative experience.

© Zhang Keyue (章轲越)

What role does photography play in your life and work?

Photography has no boundaries to my life and work. I need to take pictures when I work, and when I’m free, I also take pictures of things I want to take. I seem to be a person who doesn't have much of my own life.

For a long period of time, my life state was like pressing the shutter, seeing different people, and going to different places every day. The advantage of this is that when you look back at your life, you can prove it, and you can clearly recall your mood and state when you look at the photos.

What are your shooting plans next?

Since I started to shoot fashion and portraits a few years ago, I have been trying all kinds of possibilities to break the circle. I recently made my own darkroom in the studio, and I should use more film to shoot some artistic commercial projects. Recently, I started to prepare my first album, and I hope to present it to everyone soon.

Thank you, Zhang Keyue for sharing! If you want to see more about his works, you can follow his Weibo 莫名公園.

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