The Beauty of Purpose – an Interview With Brian Chorski

It's easy to fall for the beautiful colors and magnificent scenery that can be seen in the work of Brian Chorski. However, the real beauty of Brian's work lies in the passion behind it. Brian intends to document the world and the moments that make living life with purpose truly beautiful.

In this short interview, he shows us how to pause, take in the view, and admire the world we live in with the people who make our time here worthwhile.

© Brian Chorski

Hello, Brian, and welcome to the Magazine! How did you get started on your photographic journey?

Hey, everyone! I started off taking photos on my iPhone 4 about six years ago when I was studying abroad in Lyon, France. I traveled quite a bit of Western Europe and even Morocco, which opened my eyes to the world, as well as what makes a great photograph.

What made you choose film photography?

I've recently gravitated toward creating all of my personal work on film. It just doesn't feel like "work" when I'm capturing day-to-day life on film, preserving memories on a point-and-shoot camera, and beyond. Film allows me to stay in the moment, move onto the next scene, and live life.

© Brian Chorski

How long have you been shooting?

Six years if you're including my two-year iPhone-only beginning! Ha.

What was your first camera? What is your current favorite?

My first DSLR body was a Canon Rebel T3i. My, how times have changed. My current favorite would have to be the Mamiya 645.

We're digging the color and framing of your photographs. They look so vibrant and well-composed. Would you say that this was a particular style you were going for?

Thank you! I'd say I have skewed toward preferring brighter, natural colors – but this wasn't a product of intention. I tend to shoot way more in warmer months, which is a reflection of that style. I'm a summer kid at heart, really.

© Brian Chorski

Please describe your work in five words.

Life lived in the present.

We also noticed that American suburbia and automobiles are a recurring theme in your work. What's the story behind it?

Man, just something about capturing a scene that seemingly hasn't changed in 20+ years brings me so much joy. It transports me to a time that I will never truly know.

© Brian Chorski

What are things that you can't go without during a trip?

Hummus wraps, my trusty hammock, a mini soccer ball, Pacificos, and an unreasonable amount of analogue gear.

Do you have a favorite shot and destination? Please tell us more about them.

Always struggle with this question, because I'm never satisfied with one piece of work. Bigger horizons, ya know? I'd say a recent favorite is this image from Montana shot on my very first roll of 120:

I've spent time in Montana the past three summers – a truly special place for me.

What is the first thing you're going to do once this pandemic is over?

Travel to Vietnam. I was supposed to be there for some client work back in February, but Miss Rona had other ideas. Can't stop thinking about it now!

© Brian Chorski

What does a perfect day look like for Brian Chorski?

70 degrees and sunny in San Francisco. I hop on my road bike with a freshly loaded roll of 35 mm accompanied by some good friends. We stop at a park, sunbathe, order some Thai food, the works.

Any last words for our readers?

Be present, prioritize your friendships, don't take yourself too seriously.

We would like to thank Brian for letting us feature his story in the Magazine. Follow him on Instagram and on his website to see more of his gorgeous shots.

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