A Desire for Change – Isabelle Lesigne's Diana Instant Square Photographs

Isabelle is a talented photographer who loves instant photography, we got to know her in a previous interview, Fotografie e parole di isabel.lesinge. Today we will explore with her a new series taken with the Diana Instant Square

Hi Isabelle, it's a pleasure to have you back :) How would you describe the past few months?

Hello everyone! The pleasure is all mine!
So...they have been intense months, undoubtedly difficult and out of the ordinary! We will remember them for life, like it or not.

Credits: isabellesinge

We'd like to see the bright side of this quarantine: can you tell us its positive sides?

The time indeed: we constantly complain of not having enough time for ourselves, to rest, to think, to rediscover ourselves. The quarantine responded to the desire to stop, take a break, and then start again. Personally, I have not succumbed to the negative aspect of this situation but I have not even tried to be positive. Instead, I tried to face it all head-on, to use this opportunity to my advantage. Before the quarantine, I had only one need: to find myself. And during the quarantine, I did find myself!

Credits: isabellesinge

You recently posted several instant shoots in your Lomo home. Can you tell us more about those photos?

The shots are related to the feelings developed in quarantine. They represent the desire to change. The animal that represents evolution among all is the butterfly. Over the centuries the butterfly has fascinated the world for its metamorphosis and has become a symbol of change. It is a fragile and ephemeral creature, therefore it is also linked to the soul, for some cultures it is the bearer of dreams. Through my photographs, I tried to show all these aspects, so that I could get out of the lockdown, in which I had entered as a larva, like a colorful and light butterfly.

What camera did you shoot with? And why?

I shot with my faithful Diana Instant Square. The main reasons are two: first of all, I have a huge passion for instant photos because of their vintage look. The second reason is that I knew that I could project my story into a dream world by teasing the imagination or memory of the observer.

Credits: isabellesinge

Is there anything you would like to share with other users? Any tips or a thought?

Even if you feel dark inside, keep your eyes open. Open them up! You will understand that, sooner or later, you will find the light. It may be weak, as small as a spark. It might be a fairy with the enormous power to make you dream again.

Credits: isabellesinge

You can continue to admire her shots on her Instagram page isabel.lesinge

2020-11-23 #gear #people

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