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The past few months had us sheltering in place, so it's not surprising to see an influx of still life photos in the community. These photos have become more meaningful, as they represent a particular period in our lives. All of a sudden, we've become focused on objects that we usually ignore and appreciate our little routines. If you find yourself running out of objects to shoot ("What, this vase again?!"), remember that simply rearranging your things and experimenting with lighting can do wonders. Here are some more ideas for your consideration!

Keep Things Bright

Learning how the light falls on your subject is key to fantastic still life photos. Use a reflector to bounce off light if necessary, and move objects around to see how lighting changes the scene.

Credits: minjae_kim, evansabahnurd & ksreichert

Make the Most Out of Available Light

Low lighting creates a dramatic effect on still life photography. Sit by the window and welcome the natural light in!

Credits: modern_nmt, jessicaoe, viajarconlasnubes, nat4ever & yamasaki

Include Yourself in the Photo

Take a cue from community member @sakuramiyao and make a subtle appearance on your shot. Cast your shadow or incorporate a self-portrait without losing focus on your subjects.

Credits: sakuramiyao

Decorate with Light

Here, light does more than illuminate the subject, but to add detail. Design with light and shadows to create artistic shots!

Credits: bluecorals, mattym & isadorarisso

Create a Palette

If you're sorting or rearranging things, this tip provides a quick creative break! See how community member @kekskonstrukt gathered items of similar colors to create this eye-catching series.

Credits: kekskonstrukt

We hope you'll try these tips the next time you're shooting indoors. If you have more ideas to add to our list, please post them in the comments!

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    Great article!
    I myself wrote a note a while ago on shooting indoor. Check it out here:…

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    @systemdevice great tips and photos! cute cat, too hehe!

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    Cool ideas!

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