K-Indie Singer Soyu Park's Heartwarming Music Video Filmed with the LomoKino

Soyu Park is a South Korean singer and a songwriter, who had just released a new song, Our Nights are Not Too Long last month. The entire Music Video was filmed with LomoKino. Know more about her album and her music, as well as her analogue journey with Lomography. Her song about comforting the exhausted minds went harmoniously with LomoKino 's soft and dreamy aesthetic.

We interviewed Soyu Park who wrote and sang the song. Find more about Soyu's new album, her music, as well as her analogue journey with Lomography!

Our Nights Are Not Too Long MV | LomoKino © Soyu Park

Hi, Soyu! Please introduce yourself to Lomographers.

Hi, I am a Korean singer-songwriter Park Soyu. I am happy to introduce myself to the magazine of Lomography that I am very fond of!

How did you start your music career?

I fell in love with the sound of the electric guitar at fifteen when I was listening to music. Songs I heard at those times were rock music like Nirvana, N.EX.T, Smashing Pumpkins. I wanted to play guitar and that was the start of it. I then majored in music in high school and college, now releasing albums as a singer-songwriter.

Our Nights Are Not Too Long MV | LomoKino ©Soyu Park

Please tell us more about your new album!

It's been some time since I released my EP album last year. The song "Our Night Is Not Long" was inspired when one day I saw a red rose blooming and falling. Everyone is too tired and exhausted these days, that we don't even realize if the flowers are blooming or falling. I made this song to comfort everyone living each and every day. I think it'd be great if you could listen to it on the way home at the end of your day!

Our Nights Are Not Too Long MV | LomoKino ©Soyu Park

Is there a particular reason you chose to film the Music Video with LomoKino ?

I always loved film cameras and especially Lomography cameras. Since LomoKino was first released I've always wanted to try filming but never had a chance. Then as I was coming up with the idea of the music video of "Our Nights Are Not Too Long", I thought it would be nice to express the warmth of the song with the texture of film! But other cameras like Super8 are not too easy to find or to get developed in Korea, so I thought LomoKino would be a perfect choice!

But as I was having research on LomoKino, I couldn't find an actual MV filmed with it. All were mostly short videos so I had no idea how it would be to film a longer MV with LomoKino but decided to challenge myself.

Our Nights Are Not Too Long MV | LomoKino ©Soyu Park

Do you have any fun episodes filming with LomoKino ?

Since it is shooting on film and LomoKino is just newly bought for the MV, I had no idea how the first roll will turn out to be. I told myself just to give it a try but couldn't stop feeling anxious about it. When I received the scan of the test roll and screamed 'YES!' inside. The dreamy yet warm texture was exactly what I wanted!

I also found the flash of my father's film camera from years ago when I was just thinking of filming it at night. I doubtfully changed the battery to a new one and saw if it worked on LomoKino, and turned out it worked perfectly! The night photos with the flash on were also very pretty, beyond my expectation.

With the scanned films of LomoKino, the illustration of Artist Lim Kangmin was added and completed the Our Nights Are Not Too Long Music Video.

Our Nights Are Not Too Long MV | LomoKino ©Soyu Park

We heard you also use the Lomo LC-A+ as well. Is there something about Lomography that you like?

I joined the 'film photography club' for extracurricular activity in middle school. Back then, I was more attracted to the static atmosphere of the film society rather than an interest in films, which led me to develop a hobby in film photography. Since then I've been taking film pictures whenever I could.

Lomo LC-A+ ©Soyu Park

One day, I saw the pictures taken with Lomo LC-A and fell in love with them as soon as I saw them. The unique colors and vignetting effect was totally different from other film cameras that touched my heart. I felt like 'I need to buy this camera right now!'.

But it took me a long time to get Lomo LC-A+ for myself. Now I spend the most time with this of my favorite than all my other cameras. When I travel around, I use it a lot more since it is lighter and smaller in size. The results are never disappointing, too!

Lomo LC-A+ ©Soyu Park

Do you have a reason for liking film photography?

It's probably the art of 'slowness' that analogue gives when everything now goes fast. The results cannot be checked while filming, the film takes time to be developed. I also like to collect a lot of rolls and get them developed all at once, so I like to think back to the moment which I forgot what I filmed.

Also, not to mention the vibe and the color of the film!
There is a beauty of digital clarity, but certainly, the beauty of analogue’s unexpected distortion seems to be special.

Lomo LC-A+ ©Soyu Park

Do you have a specific type of music you pursue? What is your inspiration?

I do a lot of different genres of music so I do not have a specific pursuit of music style. I rather try to express the story I have inside through music. That is why my inspiration is everywhere throughout my life — everything I see, the people I meet, and all my thoughts.

I sometimes draw images when writing songs, for example, the color of the cold sky turning into the darkness from purple after the winter sunset.

Taking pictures in that regard is also like recording an image of the moment so it is a big source of inspiration to me, too.

Lomo LC-A+ ©Soyu Park

Tell us your next plans or aspiration as a musician!

Just as I have done so far, I think I'll continue my music career with my songs or externally. I'm not a musician who performs often, but I want to perform when things get better. I also want to make music and tell the stories as I live my life at where I am.

I hope our Lomography readers stay healthy all the time in beautiful scenes every day! Thank you!

Our Nights Are Not Too Long MV | LomoKino ©Soyu Park

Thanks to Soyu who shared with us the scenes in the Music Video and film photos taken herself! Her voice is just as beautiful as her heart — if you want to be updated with Soyu Park and her music, follow her Instagram and subscribe to her Youtube Channel! Watch the full MV of “Our Nights are Not Too Long” here:

Our Nights Are Not Too Long MV

We hope to see Soyu Park in more stages and songs with Lomographers!

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