Kiel Quismundo: Life in Lockdown

The lockdown has forced us to adapt to a solitary lifestyle. For Manila-based film student Kiel Quismundo, music and photography go hand-in-hand to make the situation more bearable.

Credits: kielquismundo

He recorded some of his quarantine days on film, using a Canon FTb and some film rolls.

"One habit I really like is listening to music while taking photos. For this instance I was listening to The National, so I went around the house and my compound, and I think the photos that turned out pretty much sums up what I was feeling during that time."
Credits: kielquismundo

Aside from photography, Kiel's interests include making movies, playing tennis, and playing the bass and the trumpet.

"During this quarantine, I’ve been honing my skills in playing trumpet and listening to a lot of Chet Baker as an inspiration. I’ve also been trying to write short stories that I can eventually turn into short feature films."
Credits: kielquismundo

Among his quarantine photos, which one does he like best?

"A favourite photo of mine in the series was the one where my brother was looking at an oblong-shaped mirror. This was taken when I started shooting in the house first, and I moved the mirror so I could shoot him. At first, I thought it would be a flop since the room was so dark and my stop was at 1/15, but when I scanned it turned out really beautiful."
Credits: kielquismundo
"My brother Kyle, has been a big inspiration in taking photographs. We’re into the same things and hobbies, and he started supporting me ever since I was just a teenager, exposing me to beautiful imagery in movies and photos that are embedded in my mind until this day."
Credits: kielquismundo

Despite the uncertainty of the coming days, Kiel finds reassurance and optimism through art.

"I think the best way that I got to cope with what’s happening in the world is just connecting to art. Art has become food for the soul these past few months, and it gives me the hope to just pray and believe in the future for what’s to come."

To see more of Kiel's photos, visit his LomoHome or follow him on Instagram. You can also check out his cinematography reel on Vimeo.

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