Shaping a Sense of Motion in Photographs

Are you ready for the outside world with the 'new normal'? For places where COVID rates are dipping, we hear you. You're excited to say hello again to the world and see it again bursting with life. So here are a few ideas you can work with as you restart your analogue adventures outdoors.

Credits: neja, pushkar, blackbyrd, vidumshitsa & funkguy

Frozen in Time

Capture a moment of time in its perfect glory. Freeze shots are common especially among sports photographers, but you can give yourself an extra challenge as a film photographer by harnessing your knowledge with light, speed, and composition. Ensure that you use a camera with a high shutter speed to achieve the sharpness and clarity needed to make the action look like it's on pause.

Credits: gocchin, damekkoneko, libellule, joelpaz & rhiannonamsterdam

Looking Supernatural

Create a ghostly time-lapse effect on your photography with the use of long exposure. Get a tripod with you and hang around somewhere your camera won't be disturbed. The key is to keep the camera as still as possible while doing a long exposure. The blur on the subject implies that movement has happened. Now allow your subject to move as they wish, and you'll get these phantom-like portraits of people.

Credits: maximum_b, basia_and_antek, dudor, grazie & schwarzesauge

The Speed of Light

Another way to have fun with long exposure is to use it at nighttime and play with light! Capture how lights travel across the city. Just make sure to use a quality color negative film to make the abstract shot more popping!

Credits: hodachrome, art_of_fighting, neja & why-yu

Panning Motion

A moving subject with a blurred, aesthetic background – the desired result for any photographer. Test your panning technique skills now! The key here is to be able to match the direction and speed of your subject with how you take the exposure with the camera. It's easier said than done, as you'll want to be sharp with how you follow the subject with your line of vision. Isolating your subject with this technique makes more dramatic motion images. It also covers up unattractive backgrounds!

Credits: dbyremus15, stratski, cinzi, _wool_x & yleo

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written by cielsan on 2020-11-10 #tutorials

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