Shoot Hauntingly Beautiful Photos in Black & White

With social distancing in effect, Halloween is going to be different this year. Parties, trick or treat, and other oddly fun traditions will have to be axed for now. If it has become your habit to take photos this time of year, here are some ideas – just make sure to keep a roll of black & white film on hand.

Ominous Objects

It's pretty straightforward, but, gothic architecture, wilting flowers, and creepy dolls make very apt subjects for a Halloween photo series. An empty park during dusk or dawn will also give some spine-tingling vibe.

Credits: why-yu, lomotmot, asands & troch

Sinister Scenes

A photograph in black & white tells a different story. A sunny vibrant stroll transforms into a haunting image, a candid pet portrait turns menacing, and an art installation becomes a ghastly souvenir.

Credits: inotion, eels, grandphilippe, rdetoyato & antmark

Mysterious Montage

Experiment with black & white to give your portraits a bit more edge. The simplest way is to shoot double- or multiple exposures. If you're willing to take a risk with your roll, soaking it in film soup, adding textures, or deliberately destroying your film will result in a grittier, grainier look.

Credits: lomography, robertofiuza, fisheyemary, lzyrich, shoujoai, dharma_duma, kekskonstrukt & blueskyandhardrock

Doom & Gloom

Ordinary subjects become more mystifying in monochrome. Shoot silhouettes, blur out the foreground, or play with under- or over-exposure to enhance shadows and highlights. It also helps to check the weather or the lighting conditions when you shoot – when it's a bit hazy, drizzling, or overcast, shooting in black & white suggests a strange mood.

Credits: cotonohacafe, bwretzky, evansabahnurd, schpleep & lomography

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