Augarten in Vienna: A Public Park With History


When you’re in Austria, don’t forget to visit one of Vienna’s most beautiful public parks containing a variety of facilities from a porcelain factory to defense towers. Its history as a military fort, juxtaposed with its present day serenity, make it one of the destinations of choice in Vienna.

The Augarten in spring.

Located in the second district of Vienna, the Augarten, designed in the French Baroque style, contains a plenty of facilities you need to visit.

Even before you enter the park, you will see the two huge Flak towers which were used as defense during World War II as well as for propaganda. Nowadays, these two towers in the Augarten are without use and it is nearly impossible to see a tower from its inside.

The two Flak Towers from variouos angles.

There is also the Augarten Porzellanmanufaktur, the “Augarten Porcelain Factory”, established in 1718. The porcelain figurines and the tableware are world famous.

Building of the Porcelain Factory.

If you hear chants while strolling through the avenues, they certainly come from the famous Vienna Boys’ Choir. Since 1948, the Palais Augartan has served as their rehearsal location as well as their school.

To find out more about other buildings within the park such as the Film Archive Austria, the open air bath, playing fields, you must visit the Augarten yourself.

More buildings located in the Augarten.

More information about the Augarten Porcelain

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