Hazy Reveries in Analogue by Victoria Cruces


Lomographer Victoria Cruces a.k.a. vicruces just got into analogue photography a year ago. Her subtle yet poignant composition has caught her eye as she turns the mundane daily life into sensual and extraordinary. Life looks extra charming through Victoria's lens.

Credits: vicruces

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Victoria started shooting film just over a year ago, attracted to film's ability to capture images that make even the ordinary and mundane to be lively. How film also gives her a chance for mistakes and lack of full control appeal to Victoria, as these bring interesting aspects to images. Being able to create photographs that allow the viewer to form their own stories regardless of what the photographer intended, makes an image even more captivating.

“The fact that you have a limited amount of frames in a film adds attention to detail and forethought to the mix. Even though I’m keen on being spontaneous, I do sometimes make a sketch including which colours I’d like to use or how elements might be arranged. I consider taking the time to plan and think out your photographs makes them even more personal and gets you more involved with them.”
Victoria's first two photographs on film

Victoria's blossoming photography often create a sense of solace and calm: “Right now, I find that my ‘style’ is based in evoking comfort, peace and intimacy, perhaps a sense that everything falls into place – even though I’m a firm believer that there is no definition than can encapsulate art and that my approach is constantly undergoing transformations.”

Her colors are pastel and mute, but go daring with how she composes the elements in her images through double exposures. She uses a Pentax K1000, which does not have a double exposure feature. So, what Victoria does is she makes a "film swap" with herself by shooting the entire film after rewinding.

Prior to the pandemic, Victoria takes chances with everyday moments with friends. Now, she's focusing on subjects that she didn't use to photograph.

"Places and objects that I had never put an eye on suddenly awakened in me a warm sense of comfort. I can sometimes make up a whole story in my head with the mere idea of a picture, or, at least, I can get a sense of an emotion they will provoke. Therefore, I’m currently focusing on particular pieces and spots.
Credits: vicruces

As a photographer, one of Victoria's personal tips is to own a notebook. When managing her own routine, Victoria would jot down notes. She'd also do a review for each film roll after using, listing their pros and cons. Writing down notes, tips from fellow photographers, and some experiments she tested often help her. She also mentioned that taking advantage of sunlight, paying attention to how the light hits the object, can create various, surprising effects.

Recently, Victoria is experimenting with what she'd call half-double exposures:

“What I do is I cover part of the shutter - with a piece of paper - before placing the film, I shoot it once, and before reusing it I remove the paper and cover the other part. I’ve done this with an ISO 400 film and I personally love how they came out. With this particular project, what I intended was to ‘fuse’ close-up nature with either everyday situations or landscapes.”
Credits: vicruces

Victoria gets inspired by the Lomography Community itself and other online platforms. For her, social media has helped her grow and appreciate other people's art, as well as learn from them.

Lately, Victoria's spending most of her time at home due to the preventive measures implemented against the pandemic. Despite missing being able to be on hands-on workshops and getting to know new people, Victoria mentions that the pandemic has influenced and changed her views and artistic expressions towards the photographic medium.

“For the past few months I’ve been looking forward to exploring expired film and black and white film further. In addition, situation permitting, I’d like to start experimenting with street photography. Still, I believe what I am most excitedly expecting is traveling with my Pentax K1000 to other countries and capturing the essence of different cultures and traditions.”
Credits: vicruces

For more of Victoria's work, visit her Instagram and LomoHome.

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