Hong Kong Large Format Photographer Thomas Yeung's First Impression of LomoGraflok

When we invited LomoGraflok 4x5 Instant Back tester, we thought of Thomas Yeung, the photographers of Instant Photo Service, who provided services with antique wooden large format cameras! Taking advantage of this trial shooting, we will ask Thomas to share more stories of large-format photography, as well as the experience of using the LomoGraflok camera back.

"The gentle shooting rhythm gives me more room to think and to feel the scenery in front of me." – Thomas

Let's read more about Thomas's large-format shooting experience!

Thomas shot with a large-format camera on the streets of Europe.

Hi Thomas! Can you tell us when did you start large format photography?

Looking up the date of the photo, it turns out that I was already shooting large-format photos in 2013, and the reason how I entered the large-format world is a bit strange. At first,

I just looked at the history of Polaroid on the Internet. I noticed that there is a camera that many people use to modify it. Then I found that the famous Hong Kong actor Donald Chow's self-portrait was really handsome and it was taken with this kind of camera. So, I bought it!

In fact, this modified machine does not have many functions, it's just like a huge rangefinder camera, but after seeing the shocking resolution of large-format film, I soon bought an official 4x5 camera.

© Thomas Yeung

When compared with 35 mm or medium format, what do you think sets large-format photography apart?

Large-format photography is a completely different world. Unlike smaller format photography that advocates instant shooting, large-format photography requires time and patience to prepare and wait for the exact moment. Although it's clichéd, the images turn out are really surprising. If you have the opportunity, you must watch the large slides!

What do you like about large-format photography?

I like all the photographic elements of large-format! The gentle shooting rhythm gives me more room to think and to feel the scenery in front of me. Because the operation of the camera is impossible for continuous shooting or capturing, the subjects are arranged and placed in simple poses. The peaceful moments as everyone waits for the shutter to be pressed, it feels like going back in time to a studio that takes family photos generations ago. However, it is easy to give up on large-format photography. To be honest, this is not an easy way to enjoy photography. There lies the challenge!

© Thomas Yeung

What's the challenge of large-format photography?

First, we must get over the thought that film is expensive, then overcome the sense of failure of frequent errors, and then deal with the emotion of being tired and possibly "having nothing" after carrying heavy equipment to the shooting location. Think it’s better to take portraits? No, you have to deal with the urges and complaints of the people. In the case of operating a large-format camera, it may drive you crazy! These factors determines the state, and if you can handle the mental pressure, you will succeed eventually!

How's your experience with LomoGraflok camera back ?

It feels good, it mounted smoothly and stably. Since the instant camera back has a certain weight, users should pay attention to the stability of their cameras, especially for models that are light, they must be secured before use.

Shot by Thomas with LomoGraflok camera back

What did you shoot for this time?

For a long time, instant photos have a problem of uneven quality. During this trial shooting, I tried to use black and white film and flash to shoot wood and text in a low-light environment. These subjects are generally difficult to shoot with the instant camera. The high resolution of large-format lenses improves the image quality of instant images.

Shot by Thomas with LomoGraflok camera back

Do you like our new product? why?

There have been no new products for large-format cameras for a long time, and it is unexpected that this kind of camera back will be officially produced. Instant film is much more cheaper than large-format film, and you can get the results instantly. It is a good helper for practicing large-format photography!

What's your next shooting plan?

I will use LomoGraflok camera back as an Instant Photo Booth. This is our main photography service. Unfortunately, the current situation made it difficult to hold wedding banquets. In addition, family-size shooting services using large-format cameras will also be promoted. Those who are interested please pay close attention!

Shot by Thomas with LomoGraflok camera back

Thanks for sharing Thomas, please go to Instant Photo Service's Instagram (@instantphotoservice ) to enjoy more of his works! Compared with modern photography modes, large-format photography is more retro, the seemingly complicated steps bring irreplaceable charm and make the photographer more involved in the photography universe within the large-format camera. We believe all photography enthusiasts will have resonance with Thomas’ sharing!

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