"The Purple Book": Kate Grout's Latest Enchanting Publication on Lomochrome Purple

Since an early age, photographer Kate Grout has had an affinity with art. As a very sensitive soul, she would pour out all her emotions in photography, dance, or even music. As a self-defined "outgoing introvert", Kate likes to capture stolen moments with her family and friends, as well as the silent beauty of nature. She learned to master the solitude of her surroundings, and create masterpieces out of it like The Purple Book, her most recent publication shot entirely on some LomoChrome Purple. We talked to Kate about her book, her inspiration, and her own colorful world of inspiration.

© Kate Grout

How did you get started with photography

I have always been into art, fashion, magazines, photography, and taking pictures. When I was younger I had a disposable camera for each and every event, and I loved shooting Polaroids with my friends. As an adult, I had a good decade or so where I was only using a point-and-shoot digital camera, but when I upped my gear and got serious about photography in 2018 is where I rediscovered my passion for capturing images. Specifically, when I dove into the analog photography world! Since I started shooting film, my artistry has really emerged. Prior to shooting film, I was using a Nikon Coolpix for years and capturing some really great images of live music and nature, as well as candid moments with my loved ones.

© Kate Grout

In such a digital age, why do you still shoot film?

Film is raw and beautiful, I feel that you can see so much more in film. I just love the whole process: Taking time for each shot, only have so many shots to take… slowing down and focusing on each setting and finding the right shot.. you really make them count. I also very much appreciate the fact that there’s no need to edit the film. Since I take the time and really focus on each shot, and use such a beautiful film, the results are often magical.

Can you tell us more about the book? How did it come to life, how long did it take to shoot it, put it together?

I decided in the fall of 2019 that I had shot enough rolls of this beautiful film to make a book and received much encouragement from my friends and peers. The photos in the book cover a 2-year span, from July 2018-July 2020, with the last shoot being right before I started piecing it all together this July.

© Kate Grout

How did you decide to create a book only with LomoChrome Purple shots?

I knew that I had wanted to put out a photo book for a while, it was just which direction to go in. Many photographers have asked for my advice on how I shoot the film, and I have become sort of a go-to person on the film among my friends. It just seemed right that to make a LomoChrome Purple-only book, and I definitely shot enough rolls of it!

When did you first shoot the LomoChrome Purple?

When I decided I was going to buy my first film camera and dive into the film world in July 2018, I bought a roll of expired Kodak film and a 5 pack of LomoChrome Purple. It was the second roll I shot, which is a blessing because I messed up half of the expired Kodak roll that I had shot right before! There is much trial-and-error when shooting film, especially when you are self-taught!

© Kate Grout

From all the pictures in your book, do you have a favorite? Can you tell us the story behind it?

It is so hard to choose one favorite, but the cover of the book would probably be it! I took the photo of my friend and fellow creative, Lexi at our mutual friend Bri’s
beautiful house. There was a patch of ferns in front of the house that I told Lexi to scoot down in. She posed and stared at the camera, and when I clicked the shutter I knew it
was a magical shot! When I decided I was going to make The Purple Book I felt it was perfect for the cover.

© Kate Grout

What advise would you give to someone who’s shooting it for the first time?

Trust yourself and your vision, treat it like normal film while shooting. Shoot among lots of greens, definitely in nature. Know your light, you can shoot this film at 100, 200 and, 400, so try them all! Don’t be afraid to experiment and go out of your comfort zone!

Do you have any other projects you are working on that you can share with us?

I was just selected among other creatives from around the world to be featured in a book of Polaroids, but I can’t quite announce the details yet! I will say that I am extremely
excited and honored to be part of this amazing project! And I am already thinking about what subject of photos my next book will include! I could certainly fill a book with Polaroids, self-portraits, nudes in nature, or even a book of just double exposure film shots! Thinking of the possibilities my art has brought to me makes me excited and hopeful for the future!

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