Celebrating the Female Form with GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!


The directors of The Little Black Gallery have launched a new online platform to celebrate the female form from all perspectives in the newly opened GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!.

Dreamers © AdeY; Maddi and Marina © Kate Bellm; Checker Cab © Patrick Lichfield

GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! is the brainchild of the London-based directors of The Little Black Gallery, Tamara Beckwith Veroni, and Ghislain Pascal. It started off as a group show at the LBG in 2014 when many works of the photographers included female nudes. Then, the group launched another project for BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! (the gallery's platform for queer and gay photography) and GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! with online auction house Paddle8.

It's through the auctions and exhibitions with Paddle8 that they published the first GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! book, a collection of some of the most iconic photographs over the world. Ghislain Pascal, the editor of the book, tells us about the website:

"GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! is a platform to celebrate the female form - so we have both male and female photographers. We started with those photographers we already represented or worked with, including some legendary photographers, contemporary names, and rising female photographers - all of who appeared in our GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! book."
Adult Females Attack Without Provocation © Bob Carlos Clarke; Another World D © Shae DeTar; Floating © Alistair Taylor-Young; Backward Glance / Kate Moss © Mike Figgis; Sotte Voce © Nicolas Senegas

For Ghislain, it's important for him to have both male and female photographers. He noticed that there are more erotic books and exhibitions by male photographers while there are a lot of books by female photographers. For him, it seemed natural to mix them both together. They're also curating and representing the artists they work with.

"We will add new artworks every month, invite new photographers to join, and will have monthly online exhibitions. This is just the beginning."

All images from GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! - a new online art platform by The Little Black Gallery celebrating the female form. Visit girlsgirlsgirls.org for more information.

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