Matisse Thybulle Shoots Both on and off the Court

If you're a fan of the NBA, then you've probably heard of Matisse Thybulle, a first-year guard for the Philadelphia 76ers. The young and promising athlete has been making waves lately with his talent on the court but that's not the only thing he brings to the table. Matisse is also a talented photographer with a knack for capturing the candid moments going on backstage. Not only that, he develops his own film and captures the attention of many viewers with his video diary. In this Lomography interview, we shine the spotlight on Matisse's shooting skills, one frame at a time.

© Matisse Thybulle

Hello, Matisse and welcome to the Magazine! How did your journey with photography start?

It started through a photographer friend of mine, Matthew… I’d go with him on shoots, and I found it really interesting, and then I bought my own camera.

What is your favorite camera? Could you tell us the story behind it?

Film or digital? With film, it would be the Olympus Stylus Epic (?) because it’s just so small, and easy to take along with me. I also like the Minolta X700... It’s just a cool looking camera. For digital, I shoot Canon... I own a Canon 5D mkIV.

Why choose to shoot with film? What do you like about shooting with film?

Well, for this series, the one posted on Twitter, they were behind-the-scenes shots, from this fashion shoot. I wanted to capture the feel and environment during that fashion shoot. Because the location was really cool... It was this old, vintage-looking building, and I just wanted to capture that as well.

© Matisse Thybulle

We love the candid shots and behind the scenes photos, you take. Do you always have your camera with you?

Yeah, I always have my Olympus with me, because it’s just so small and easy to take along.

We also saw that you develop your own film. How is the experience so far? Did you start at the same time when you started shooting with film? What's your favorite film?

Yeah, I started about the same time. It’s really cool because I could develop them myself in my apartment. My favorite film, well I mostly shoot color... Portra 400 and Kodak Gold are my favorite color films.

© Matisse Thybulle

Where do you think you're going next with your photo work?

I just started making YouTube videos, so that takes a lot of time, filming, and editing, but I do want to take more photos if I find the time.

What's your favorite photo that you took? Why?

I can’t really say I have a favorite photo. But the candid photos I took of the fashion shoot, I really like how those turned out.

© Matisse Thybulle

Last words for our readers and your fans?

Shoot film... It’s more hands-on, it’s a great experience. And it also just looks great.

We would like to thank Matisse for letting us feature his work in the Magazine. We would also like to thank Matisse's director of public relations, Mary Ford, for making this interview possible. Follow Matisse on Twitter and YouTube for more updates. More of his photo work can be found on his Instagram account.

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