Simple Use Reloadable Cameras: Creative Choices

So you've tried the classic color negative and black & white, now it's time for something even more creative. Try a lightweight, pocket-friendly camera that is pre-loaded with fun film – one that can magically color-shift without having to cross-process it. If you're new here, we're talking about the Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera, loaded with unique film!

Psychedelic Purples

The Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera – LomoChrome Purple is pre-loaded with – you guessed it – LomoChrome Purple ISO 100-400, a very much sought-after film for its surreal color-shifting effects. This trippy film transforms mundane scenes into a psychedelic wonderland, tinted in gradients of purple and cyan.

Credits: elodinosaur, pinar434, afoxcalledandrew, caglaozsamanci, 1122 & schwarzesauge

Muted Metropolis

Pre-loaded with the LomoChrome Metropolis film, which renders muted tones for a cool look. Try to incorporate something red in your photos for a nice pop of color contrast! The Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera – LomoChrome Metropolis also comes with color gel filters that you can use for a flash of colored light.

Credits: erina, cinnamoncherry, pierredeschamps, keepyourselfinblue & oulpiana

Head over to our online shop to order yours. Add some film too, so that you can quickly reload your camera when you're done with the pre-loaded roll!


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