Simple Use Reloadable Cameras: The Classic Picks

Times are changing and if you're used to documenting your days in film, the last thing that you'd want to worry about is lugging around with your gear. Keep it simple with a small, lightweight camera that is perfect for snapshots, like Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera. Pocket-sized, pre-loaded with film, and reusable, they're your gateway to Lomography if you're new to our community, or a fuss-free choice if you're a more experienced photographer. Here, we introduce you to two classic choices: Color Negative and Black & White.

Color Negative

Recommended if you like true-to-life colors and an option to play with colored lighting. The Simple Use Film Camera Color Negative is pre-loaded with Lomography Color Negative 400 film, known for its bright, vibrant colors and rich detail. It also includes 3 color gel filters that you can conveniently experiment with if you want a pop of colored flash to tint your photos.

Credits: natseg, kelvin_wx, amanachan, delphioc, dominik_unbehagen & erina

Black & White

For a timeless feel, go monochromatic with the Simple Use Film Camera Black & White. Shoot artsy, film-noir styled photos, timeless portraits, or flashy snapshots. This camera is pre-loaded with Lomography Lady Grey 400 Black & White film, favored for its rich tones and smooth grain.

Credits: kroegeaj, erina, ethermoon, mlchaelbexley & carmanlkm824

Get your Simple Use Reloadable Film Cameras from our online shop, and treat yourself to some film rolls, too – so that you can reload your camera with when you're finished with the pre-loaded roll!

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