Aleksander Stojanov and the New LomoGraflok 4x5 Instant Back – Fairytale Potential


When Aleksander Stojanov moved from Slovenia to Berlin ten years ago, he was still making music with old equipment from the '70s. He especially liked the uniqueness of every note, nothing was reproducible, nothing predictable. When he started taking pictures, he quickly ended up with analogue photography for exactly these reasons. He then got to know large-format photography through a neighbor and stuck with it.

We asked Aleks to try out our new LomoGraflok 4x5 Instant Back and asked him what he thought about the experience, as well as why he preferred shooting instant film with his large-format camera.

© Aleksander Stojanov | Model: Diana Dobrea
"When I started large Format I didn't have a darkroom so it was always a pain to develop the negatives [...] there was always Dust so I preferred to shoot with FP-100C, the Fuji Peel Apart and I was buying them a lot, even smaller sizes. I was really obsessed with Polaroid because it was easier for me [...] and the People I was photographing saw the results immediately which kind of empowered them, so the next Picture got even better."
© Aleksander Stojanov | Model: Diana Dobrea
"I actually sold all my other cameras, because when I started shooting large Format I saw that this is the Medium for me because it gave me everything the other Formats didn't give me. With a large format, you’re forced to work slow and you are forced to think about what you are doing and you take fewer pictures. So the Probability that those few pictures are good is bigger than shooting five Rolls and only ending up with a couple of good pictures."
© Aleksander Stojanov | Model: Diana Dobrea
"When I saw that FP-100C was stopped from being produced it was a big pain for me because it was one of my favorite mediums. A Friend from Barcelona then gifted me a box full of 20 Packs in exchange for some of my Prints, so I was really carefully shooting them. I ran out a couple of months ago and just sold my Magazines because I didn't want to spend so much on the Film. So when I got the Email about the Instax being used, I was really excited and I'm super happy that this is in the Planning!"
© Aleksander Stojanov | Model: Diana Dobrea
"I think this is a unique piece, a unique Photo [...] and if you use a good lens it's also super sharp and super crisp, so I think it's not only for testing [the setup] really. I think you can make Exhibitions with it, you can scan it nicely. I think many people will love it."

Many Thanks to Aleks for these wonderful Photographs. Check out his Instagram or support him on Patreon and get inspired!
A big Thank you also goes to Model Diana Dobrea.

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    I'm currently building a 4x5 camera. an instant back would be very practical! I have had a Schneider Kreuznach 90 for my 6x17 camera since spring:…
    building the 4x5 camera, as well as learning to develop photos, takes a lot of time, but is a lot of fun !!!! see you soon, instant back !!!!!!!

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