Benji Beacham and Friends: Colorful Night Sessions

Photographer Benji Beacham is new blood when it comes to film photography, but his analogue routine has sharpened up really quick and already mastered manipulating light. While most film shooters yearn for the sun, Benji is attracted to dark contrasts and vivid colors combined, using artificial lighting to create cinematic shots. Check out his work along with his photographs through our interview with the artist.

Firstly, how things are for you as an artist/photographer?

Really great thank you! I’m enjoying creating my own style and trying to stand out with my work.

How did you get into photography and film?

I only picked up a camera towards the end of last year after going through a strange transition in my life, I really found that photography was my way of escaping at that moment in time. I’m so glad I decided to start shooting.

Your body of work in portraiture is very aesthetically intriguing. Usually, we use natural light or more light for portraiture. Would you mind sharing with us what appeals to you about the challenging yet satisfying work in low-light photography?

I find the challenge of low light photography incredibly rewarding. I really enjoy using artificial light to create nice high contrasting shadows. I like to try and play around with light and shadow a lot within my photography, I definitely feel it’s a big part of my style now.

What do you look for in a portrait?

When it comes to portraiture I really like to create a moody look with a cinematic feel to it. I also am an avid user of color within my work, I enjoy using a lot of artificial lighting with different colors, I find it really fascinating when I see the end result.

Most of them are shot in Birmingham. Please share with us briefly about the people you photograph – who are they, usually?

The majority of the people I shoot are my friends or people I’ve met through social media.

We also noticed you used the Lomography Color Negative 800. Can you share your thoughts or impressions about our film? What do you like about it and how does it help your style?

The Lomography Color Negative 800 is one of my favorite film stocks at the moment, I feel that the saturation and contrast of the film stock really works well for me in low light situations.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I listen to a lot of music and watch a lot of movies and television. I feel most of my inspiration comes from that.

Lastly, what are you up to next?

I’ve got a very busy few months ahead as I’m currently working on my second zine which I’m excited to start sharing. I’m also looking to transition into the world of videography, so I’ve started to come up with some ideas for a short film I would like to shoot in the near future so that’s going to be exciting to see how that eventually turns out.

Visit Benji's Instagram for more of his portraits!

written by cielsan on 2020-09-30 #people

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