Lomographer éon.noir and the Potsdam Kino Film


Sabine, aka éon.noir, tested our Potsdam Kino Film and talks about her impressions of the film and her journey with black and white photography in this interview.

© éon.noir | Model: Kamila

Sabine, who can't really remember ever not having photographed, also learned how to develop her films from her grandfather. The Austrian photographer draws her inspiration from her direct environment – both from people and from nature. She combined these two themes on this role of Potsdam Kino Film, which she took with her to the mountains, but also to the Semperdepot in Vienna for a portrait shoot.

You tested our Potsdam Kino film, what was your experience with it?

I pushed it to Iso 400 because I had very little natural light available. Therefore it shows a very grainy and high-contrast look in the photos. I think it's incredibly nice to know that the film is an old cinema roll and it reflects in the look.

© éon.noir | Model: Kamila

What do you particularly like about B&W photography?

Black and white photography lives from light and shadow and in my eyes has a surreal and yet timeless, classic aesthetic. Colors don't distract from emotions and structures come out much better. In the beginning, I took almost only black and white photos, hence my name éon.noir, but meanwhile, I love to play with colors as well - the name has remained the same.

© éon.noir | Model: Kamila

Which equipment did you use?

I used one of my favorite film cameras, the Canon EOS 1N with a 24-70mm lens

You have tried the film in landscape photography, but also for portraits, where did you like it better/For what would you recommend it?

I think it can be used very well for both. Especially if you want to achieve strong contrasts in landscape photography it is very suitable. For portraits with "natural light," the film is also very nice to achieve an atmospheric vintage look.

Do you have a favorite photo from the series?

The double exposure with Kamila in Semperdepot

© éon.noir | Model: Kamila

Many thanks to Sabine, for the wonderful photographs and her thoughts on our Potsdam Kino Film. Check out her Instagram and get inspired!
Many thanks also to model Kamila.

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